Monday, April 30, 2012

No Longer a Baby

Clearly Ellie Bellie Is no longer a baby. Come on! She will be THREE in just a few short months. So why am I having such a hard time?

We all knew we were on borrowed time with Ellie's recent pack n play debacle. Of course, come Thursday, I heard a THUNK, a clap and a "yay!" within minutes of putting the Chunky Chicken down for nap. The room was not in total destruction, but a certain Toddler Bear was hanging trapeze-style from her top dresser drawer. That extra inch she grew over the past month has allowed her access to so many new things. (Being the safety-conscious mother that I am, I watched Ellie repeat her crib scaling escapade and I am happy to report it was a graceful, solid dismount with a 2-footed landing.)

Clearly, it is time for the Big Girl Bed. In letting go of the crib, I suddenly am faced with truly coming to terms that Ellie is a big girl. That she is no longer a baby. I had no idea how much a symbol this crib was for me nor just how much I was holding onto the last thread of Ellie's babiness. I have a big girl and it is time for this Mama Bear to allow her little cub adventure out of the den.

Baby Bear

1st Birthday
Still pudgy!

Sept. 2011
Clearly not a baby.

I would love to hear what new things your little ones are doing and also any tips for the big bed transition!


  1. I still haven't let go of the crib but I am expecting again so my 27 month old will be getting a big kid bed this summer :( it makes me sad but I guess having a new baby to take the place of my not such a baby helps!!

    Are you guys planning on having more kids?

  2. Congratulations, Laura! Andrew and I planned on having only one child so Ellie shall remain our one and only "baby".

  3. Ellie is getting to be a big girl! It is hard to move on from the crib, but at the same thing something to celebrate! I think it is harder for us moms who have been blessed to hold onto babyhood for just that little bit longer. It makes letting go just that little bit harder :)

  4. Well, I have two that I could put in a big bed right now, but am choosing not to. With the bear cub, she will stay in the toddler bed by choice, but after three nights I put her back in the crib because she was falling out of the toddler bed even with a toddler rail and I was worried that she would hurt herself pushing through the small little opening to end up on the floor. With Darth Baby (16 months, no Ds), she was tossing herself out of the crib and won't stay in the toddler bed for anythiing. Also, she has no sense and needs constant supervision to not hurt herself, so we bought a crib tent and it has worked really well for us so far.

  5. Go Ellie! Our oldest was crib-bound until he turned 3, when he no longer fit in it :)
    Little Ms decided at 27 months that she was too cool for her crib, so we moved her to a toddler bed - I was expecting an easy transition, just like with kid #1 (silly me!). She now sleeps in her brother's room, in a trundle bed... guess I should be grateful that she's sleeping, right? Good luck!

  6. I'm hoping you will come up with a great transition strategy and share it with me for when Hailey is too big for her crib :-)

  7. Aww. Cute little Bear. I had my own sad "not a baby" moment yesterday as Cora's first tooth started poking through. It's hard watching your baby grow up.

  8. For our other kids, it was putting them back in over and over and over and over again. When you feel Ike it won't work, and you're ready to give up, you just have to stay consistent. Who knows, though, she may love it and want to stay.

  9. How's the transition going? (Days later - am behind as usual :). My son refused to even sit on the toddler bed so we went straight to a mattress on the floor (classy, right?). We're using a toddler bed right now for the girl but thinking a real mattress w/side rails might be better. But I worry about the height of a real bed. Such a dilemma! I think either way there'll be some sleepless night & general destruction in it for you. Good luck!


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