Happy April: Photo Explosion

I must admit that I have nothing of substance to write about.  Okay, that is actually a lie.  I have several posts floating around in this cavernous head of mine, but I am trying to psych myself up for a solo travel trip with Ellie to St. Louis this week.  Please please pretty please reassure me that I can travel by myself with Little Miss Runner/Complainer/Uncooperative on a non-direct flight to STL!

Since I will be absent from Bloggerland for about 1.5 weeks, I will leave you with some photos of The Bear.

When I get back, I will tell you how we encouraged Ellie to point along with some iPad/iPhone apps that really help develop that awesome fine motor skill as well as Part 2 to Random Things.

Happy April everyone!  Tell me what you are doing to celebrate spring!

 I feel like Little Miss is posing for her high school senior portrait here.

That would be pollen and dirt.  Allergies anyone?



  1. She is just darling! Love her dress and love the "senior picture". :-)

  2. Have a wonderful and safe trip!! Pics are precious, as always. :-)

  3. That girl is pure beauty! Have a safe trip the 2 of you! We're still waiting for spring over here in the Northwest. But we did have a teaser of a day with some sunshine today. Despite the hat and large stroller canopy, Miss Cora managed to get a mild sunburn in the approximately 2 minutes her little face was partially exposed to the sunlight. Poor little melanin deprived girl!

  4. First of all, Ellie is adorable in her cute green dress! Feels like spring :).

    Seond - You can do it! You are supermom!

  5. Yea!! Anna and Ellie St. Louis!!!

  6. I sent you an email to the address on your contacts page, in case it's not one you normally check. I happen to know people in STL!


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