Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I have deduced that purple is Ellie's favorite color.  When given two choices of clothing, she always chooses purple.  Needless to say when my mother gifted The Bear with this delectably fabulous dress, we (as in me, although I am sure Ellie was rather pleased) were very happy.  Ever the fashionista, I whipped out Ellie's old purple leggings with the little ruffles that now fit a bit more like capris status post another large growth spurt (1/2 inch in one month!).  Have I mentioned lately that my little chicken is a giant on the Ds growth chart?  Think 90th %tile.  My little towering Bear is what I like to call a "Purplicious Diva".

I know that she looks all sweet and innocent, but do not be fooled!  

Isn't our garage door beautiful?  It is one of the only things that was not a husband DIY project.  Oh the garage was a DIY, but not the door.  We actually paid *gasp* someone to install it.  



  1. So beautifully purplicious indeed. That dress is gorgeous. But Ellie Bear is even prettier.

  2. I knew that Ellie Bear loved purple! It is a very flattering color on her as well:-) PS. Lavender was her Great Grandma Mary's favorite color.

  3. She's so cute all dressed up! do you think you will have more kids? you should do a post about that!

  4. Wow! She looks so grown up all of a sudden! I don't know if it's the outfit or if she's just changed that quickly, but she doesn't look like a toddler anymore!

  5. Ellie looks totally adorable in purple! I love the picture of her by your garage door. The expanse of the garage door’s width contrasts with her tiny frame, and it really makes you appreciate the fact that she’s only going to be this tiny for a short time. It’d cool to take yearly photos of her by the garage door, so you can enjoy watching her grow up over and over again in photos.

    Libbie Olivas


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