Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Tale of Two Blankets

It didn't start until she was teething.  The blankets, I mean.  Sure, we had had the little pink lovie in her crib, but she showed no interest.

Yes, I know it is shock that my daughter has a blanket.  I mean, obviously you have never seen pictures of her with it. . . 

At 1 year-old, the pink lovie became Ellie's version of the pacifier.  She shoves it into her mouth for comfort and she sleeps with it.  She. Cannot. Go. To. Bed. Without. IT.

The Bedtime Ritual

Must kiss the blankets good night.

If a child is crying, she tries to give the "magical", special blanket to the sad child.  Because, the blanket cures everything, right?

It goes with us almost everywhere.  There are 4 blankets now.  Actually five.  We received two as gifts.  Then there was "the emergency" when both blankets were dirty aka spit up on due to reflux. is wonderful.  I ordered two more pink blankets and brown puppy one.

Yes, that is the brown puppy blanket in her mouth, but notice she still has the pink one.

She knows the difference.  The puppy blanket is not hers.  She shuns the puppy blanket.

Laundry.  Nothing like a fresh blanket.  She is sneaky.  I get the laundry out of the dryer.  I turn around and there is Bear-Bear sitting by a turned over laundry basket with a blanket in each hand.

Some how, we have gone from one blanket to two.  Two lovies.  My laundry time has not decreased.

Then Monday was the "Target Incident".  Ellie threw the blanket out of the cart.  Unobservant mommy did not notice until checkout.  Fortunately, the woman in the line next to me recalled seeing a pink blanket by the meat section.  Yes!  Blanket crises adverted.

When Ellie is tired, the blanket becomes her communicator.  It sounds strange, but it works for her.  She has the end in her mouth and the bear (or bunny) head "communicates".  The bear "plays", "kisses", "pushes"the buttons on her toys.

Yes, my child has a security blanket and yes, it goes with us every where.  Am I worried that it will go with her to college?  Nope.  She will eventually outgrow and right now, it keeps her happy and calm.  Like I said, the blanket has magical powers.


I cannot believe I just wrote a whole post on a blanket.  Oh goodness.

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