Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, so this isn't really "wordless", but rather less wordy than usual.

Conversations with a Kitty

I guess Ellie liked what Amelie had to say.  Ame cat seems to be giving her "the paw".

Ellie has rarely been sick and for that I am extremely thankful.  I blame Ellie's stellar immune-system on the fact she uses Sophie dog's toys as teething rings and our implementation of "the 5 second rule".

However. . . .

Chick-A-Boom has a funky rash courtesy of the coxsackie virus.  It is gross, painful, and nasty on her face, tonsils, and diaper area.  The rash is more mild on her arms and legs.  It is the same type of virus that causes hand-food-mouth disease among the infant to 5year-old population and it is a rite of childhood (as in almost all kiddos get it and hence you do not see adults walking around with it as we now have immunity).  Mamas you know what I am talking about. However, because the blistering spared her hands and feet, yet took over her arms and legs, it is just called plain old coxsackie.  Goody, I just love "atypical" presentations, especially when it is my kiddo.

Anyway, I have posted some pictures from last week since Ellie is miserable and looks miserable.  Oh and I want to cry because I cannot make it better.  WAH!


Let me just practice my stretching.

Ellie's new obsession:  TRUCKS!

Hi Ya!

Goodness, so much for being less wordy.



  1. she is an utter cutiepie! hope she gets better soon x

  2. Claire loves the swings too and I can't wait until she can enjoy more of the playground equipment too!

    Hope Ellie is feeling better now!


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