Friday, February 17, 2012

Seven Snippets Friday

Seven Snippets Friday is a blog hop hosted by Bringing the Sunshine.


We spent last weekend in Seal Beach, CA visiting Andrew's father.  It was fabulous and relaxing.  It made me realize just how much time I spend on the internet.  I have decided that I am going to try and cut back.  Wish me luck because I am already failing miserably!


How was everyone's Valentine's day?  What did you all do?  I have nothing against Valentine's Day.  We just didn't bother to celebrate it seeing as we just dropped a fair amount of moohla on our mini-vacation. Ellie did draw a little Valentine and gave a card to her father.  Ellie also had a sweet little Valentine, Wyatt!  He is her future fiancĂ©.  However, Mr. Wyatt is a player and sent Valentine's to several young ladies across the globe.

My Valentines


My aunt Peggy is in the hospital with pneumonia.  As many of you know, my aunt Peggy is a wonderful woman who also rocks an extra chromosome.  Prayers for her speedy recovery would be greatly appreciated it.


It has happened again.  The dreaded pregnancy mishap.  I am not pregnant and no, I did not recently have a c-section.  I was in Zumba class and this well-meaning older woman in front of me was worried about me slipping in my "pregnant condition".  Seriously?!?!  I am assuming that many of the people in the class must also believe I am pregnant, but to actually say it to me?!  This is the second time in one month that someone has asked if I was pregnant.  Maybe I am and just don't know it?  Nope, I am overweight. I feel  defeated and gross.  I carry all of my weight in my stomach.  I am what is referred to as the "apple" shape.  Text book case, really.  Recall that I am build like a chicken.  Anyway, I was in Zumba class to get rid of the spare tire.  I will go back.  I just feel so self-conscious right now.

This pic really sums it all up.  (Well, minus the bikini)


At the beginning of the year, I mentioned that we (as in me and possibly Andrew) are undergoing a "lifestyle modification".  Essentially we are doing a diet but it is life-long.  As in forever.  Because, I need to live forever to watch over my Ellie Bellie Bear.  We have/had plans to eat better and move around more.  I am already pretty active because of the Chunky Chicken.  She NEVER sits still.  Ever.  I never sit still (hum, sensory motor cravings seem to be genetic).  Now that The Bear is doing well in the gym's childcare, I have been working out there 3 x week.  It is not ideal, but I am trying to fit in theses workouts in between therapy #1, naps, therapy #2, and the occasional doctor's appointment.  Clearly, I need help with the diet.  I keep slipping up.  I love cookies and sugar.  If it is in the house, I will eat it over a healthy meal. I hate to cook and with our busy schedule, I have limited time to cook.  I am a horrible cook (trust me on this).  There is butter.  Lots of butter.  When I do cook Andrew does things like look into the pot, add butter, add salt, add butter, add cheese, add butter, and add some more butter.  In his defense, my meals tastes horrible.  That means I am thinking of trying out some meals through Jenny Craig or My Fit Foods.  There is no cooking involved.  The calories are already counted.  The glycemic index is taken into account.  I have to get control of my "pregnant-appearing" belly and I want to be healthy.  To have more energy.  To not be scared of diabetes or heart disease.

Perhaps there will be more fish in our diet.


Spring cleaning.  I am starting early.  Prior to marrying Andrew, I moved every 1-2 years after high school.  I became a pro at keeping my belongings to a minimum and packing all of my priced possessions in a car for cross country moves.  During the last 5 years with Drew-Drewbies, I have accumulated so much junk  many belongings.  Add that to the pre-existing junk belongings of Andrew's and now the excess baby toys and supplies that were Ellie's, our house is over flowing with unnecessary things.  Stuff.  Junk.  It has become my mission to every month attack one room of our house and purge the items we do not &/or rarely use.  They will either be tossed or donated to the ARC (Goodwill is so yesterday, the ARC is awesome).  This past week I have packed up over 5 HUGE boxes of books for the library.  Books that I had every intention of rereading, but have not gotten around to. I have cleaned out my desk.  My office closet scares me.  Anyone want to clean it out for me?


Why is it I can never come up with 7 things.  Help me out here.   Tell me what your Friday Snippet is.

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  1. You look great. Don't the Zumba biddies get to you. Apples rock.

    I haven't read your archives (yet!?) - loved your post about your Aunt Peggy. Loved! I hope she recovers swiftly.

    We're from SoCal too! Our first house was in (the safe part) of Long Beach & my favorite sushi place was in Seal beach. We're, ironically, in STL now - lots of in laws about but no ocean. *sigh* feeling nostalgic now.

  2. Apple here, too! Actually, I call it "martini olive" because of the skinny arms and legs that accompany the short-waisted round midsection.

    I don't do group exercise classes. In addition to running (a solitary, if highly visible, activity), I've started Turbo Fire at home. Love it! And no judging Zumba biddies. :)

  3. Funny how life leads you to people. I'm searching for "food grade tubing," and I find your blog and your beautiful daughter, Ellie. What a joy. You and she made me smile. I've never been blessed with children, but I do have a very special dog named Ellie who keeps me on my toes. And your experience with the woman in Zumba reminded me of when my sister was asked when she was "due" when she wasn't. Was it an older woman in your case? They tend to be the ones who speak so freely, for better or for worse. Prayers for Aunt Peggy.

  4. Oh my goodness, I have heard great things about Turbo Fire! I am scared to try it but perhaps I should take the plunge!

    Deborah--yep, older zumba lady. Get your good grade tubing at Lowe's for it is super cheap :)

  5. Welcome to krlr! I am Anna's mother and live in STL. Can't do much about the ocean but we do have the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers:-P It is a great place to raise a family. PS. I think I passed on the apple/chicken genes.


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