Great Sensory Input: sand and water

There is something invigorating about sea air, sweet-scented blooming flowers, and eating outside without being under attack by mosquitos.  . . in February.

No, not in Austin!  We high-tailed it out of the Lone Star State and headed out to Seal Beach, California.  Home of sandy beaches, trendy restaurants, 70-degree weather and Andrew's father.  Hmm, perhaps I have all of that reversed.  Okay, we went to visit Andrew's father and turned it into a fun-filled, relaxing, family vacation!

One of the perks about the hotel being 3 blocks from the beach meant that the Toddler-Bear got to run upon the sandy shores before lunch and after lunch every. single. day.  We didn't even have beach toys and yet, this little water baby was perfectly entertained.

I can't tell if Ellie likes the beach.
Ellie stole  borrowed these toys from another kiddo.

Our daily jaunts to the beach made me realize just how much sensory input our little motor-craver was receiving.

Ellie is practicing her dance moves.  That middle one has me thinking of "Stayin' Alive".

Little granules of sand sift through fingers and toes.  The added muscles, toe grabbing, arch raising needed by little feet to walk among the shores.  The feel of a salty breeze across the face.  The cold waves lapping up against tiny toddler legs.  Wet sand.  Dry sand.  Cold water.  Tasting the sand. All of these aspects create wonderful, effective sensory input for the sensory seeking child.

Now, I realize that not everyone lives near a beach. Goodness, we live in the suburbs of Austin.  That is why I am ordering the Toddler Bear a sandbox like this:

Sensory-Integration in a box

I am all about a covered sandbox.  Our neighbors have outdoor cats and I don't want them getting all confused about the litter box.

If you do find yourself in Seal Beach (just near Long Beach), be sure to check out the playground that sits just across the parking lot.  There is nothing better for a sensory craver--sand, water, and swings!

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  1. LOVE the beach pictures. Benji absolutely loves the sand too. He was in sand yesterday and just had a ball. I will have to check out Seal Beach sometime. We haven't been there. We are in CA and love going to the beach!! The kids never tire at that beach. It is beautiful to go at night. One time on Abigail's birthday, we went in the evening, and we got the most beautiful dolphin show ever. When I saw on FB you were out here, I was SO tempted to tell you that we would love to visit with you. But I knew you were on a vacation probably on limited time, and I saw you were visiting your family! I am glad you all had fun. Ellie really enjoyed it; I can tell.

  2. Adore Ellie! She looks like she was born to be a beach baby! Perhaps Aziza and Ellie can have a beach sand buffet for lunch together one day ... Aziza has also been known to eat the sand :)

  3. Absolutely love all of the pics, but the last one is my favorite. That smile made my day!

  4. Ellie is so pretty. I love her eyes. My husband WILL NOT let me get a sandbox lol. He despises sand so badly, he's afraid, it will get dragged into the house (which it would). I've been hinting, because my other kids would love it, and it will be good for Kamdyn, when she's old enough not to eat it.


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