Die Die! and Lights

There Ellie and I were at Quizno's with my girlfriend Jess and her daughter Grace.  Ellie started frantically screaming "DIE  DIE!" at every patron.  Rather than being mortified, I was chuckling.  Okay, howling with laughter.  The customers turn to look at this little banshee-screaming toddler telling them to "die" only to see Ellie smiling and waving.  They quickly understood that Ellie was exclaiming "bye-bye".

As you can see, we have been working on Ellie's "D"s and "B"s.  Clearly we need to work more on refining those sounds.

On another note, it has been a while since I last documented Andrew's DIY endeavors.  Oh yes, he is still incompletely doing things around the house/yard.  Our house was build in the late 1970's, back when these light fixtures were considered extremely fashionable.

This antique is in not one, but TWO bathrooms.

Jealous?  Yeah, you should be.  Look at that fancy chain holding up that pendulum.  Look at the beauty of that crinkled glass.  Check out the rust, it is so in right now. You're right.  Blah!  After YEARS of saying he was going to replace those bad boys, Andrew finally on a whim bought new light fixtures.

Check out the totally awesome wallpaper that refuses to be removed no matter what I do.  It is stubborn.  More so than Ellie.

There.  Much better.  Much brighter.




  1. Hahaha, cracking up at the old light fixture!! The original ones from our house (circa 1990) were pretty hideous, too - shiny, tacky gold builders-grade *crap,* and my husband's been sloooooowly replacing them (and all the other icky stuff), too.

    Ohhh, Ellie is just toooooo delicious!!

  2. I was going to make a crack about all the things you could do with the old light fixtures but got stuck after flower vase. Glass bowling balls don't seem like a good idea for some reason. Love the new ones! And the photo of your girl & her puppy - cuteness.

  3. I can't laugh at your light fixtures. We had the circa 1990 gold builder crap like Becca. It has been a "slow" process in our house too!

    The "die, die" cracked me up. I once babysat a little girl from Russia that couldn't pronounce "fork". She replaced the "or" with a "u". She screamed for a fork at the country club they belonged too...needless to say, heads turned and people stared!

  4. that's funny...!

    but you know, I hate to say this but I liked the old lights better. they remind me so much of my grandpa Jack's lights - love 'em!!!


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