Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Perfect 10

Toddler Acrobatics Presents:

Ellie Bellie Bear 

In the amazing feat of climbing-out-of-the-crib . . .

er, make that climbing into the crib?

Preparing for her amazing act.

Opening moves.

Taking a break midway

Getting ready to dismount.

Wait for it.  Wait for it.

Nailed it!  A perfect landing.

*Have no fear, no toddlers were injured during the documentation of this amazing acrobatic skill.  Parental supervision was present.  I was behind the camera at all times while Drew had several mini-heart attacks.

**The crib is so tiny and shoved up between a wall and a couch because we were staying in a hotel room.  More on that fabulous trip later!



  1. Good Grief! Those pictures gave me a heart attack!

    Jack keeps talking about wanting to go in Ellie's bed :-)

  2. I had no fears. Ellie is very agile:-)

  3. I know the mom in me is supposed to be saying "oh no!" but truthfully, she is so stinking cute!


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