Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ellie the Diva and Mr. Potato Head to teach body parts

Apparently, the Ellie Bear knows when she is being recorded.  Just look at how she acts all diva-like in the above video!  What a little ham!

We have been working on body parts for a while and for the longest time she only knew "head".  Since introducing Mr. Potato Head both in our home and in ABA therapy, Ellie has come a remarkably long way.  She now knows tummy, shoes, and ears.  Nose and mouth are about 50/50.  Talk about progress!  Now, we just need to work on her mouthing the Mr. Potato Head parts because you know, those eyes are rather tasty :)

Also, did you notice that Ellie is POINTING?!?!?!  Whoo hoo!!!!

What new things are your kiddos doing?



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