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On Sunday I watched Hallmark's A Smile as Big as the Moon.  Yes, I cried.  It made me hope that Ellie will have a teacher as wonderful and caring as Mike Kerjas.  A teacher who sees nothing but potential in our children.  A teacher who pushes our children to the best of their abilities.


I love baby/toddler leg warmers.  They are darling and they crack me up for while I may dress Ellie in leg warmers, I would never be caught dead in them.  I found this easy DIY toddler leg warmer tutorial here.  Seriously, they took about 10 minutes to make and you use adult knee highs.  Target, dear friends, Target has the best (and cheapest) knee highs.

Practicing her ballet moves.


Earlier this week I posted a video of Ellie taken during ABA therapy.  I couldn't help but laughed at the part where Ellie finally gets the "moo" out.  Also, if you look closely, Bear signs "Dad" when she is asked to say "dada".  Anyway, I have received many questions about ABA therapy and I hope to do a follow-up post addressing those questions.  Feel free to message me or write in the comments section any questions you may have and I will try my best to answer them.


I have good intentions to hit the gym.  I really do.  In fact, the gym bag is in the car and that is half the battle, right?  I get points for that, right?  It just rarely happens and that is one of the reasons I look like a chicken.  Plus, when I do go, I get bored.  I am so bored that I almost give up.  Does anyone else get bored?  The good news is Ellie is finally getting accustomed to the gym daycare.


Does anyone want to share some recipes on here?  Please please pretty please? I am a horrible cook.  Truly, I am for I have trouble making chicken.  Yes, chicken.  My husband lives in fear of my cooking. I can do pasta (aka mac'n'cheese) and cereal, but my hubby is a meat kind of man and thus I can only cook pasta for so many nights.  I am looking for easy, but tasty recipes.

Apparently, the Bear thinks I need to cook with Splenda. 


There is so much strife going on a half a world away. I have written so much about the children abandoned over in Eastern Europe.  Abandoned all because they are deemed less than perfect.  Down syndrome.  Cerebral Palsy.  Developmental delays.  There is a way to help.  In fact, there is a give away going on right now with only a few days left.  A chance to win a Kindle Fire, a Canon Rebel SLR, and other prizes, but more importantly, an opportunity to unite a little angel (Charlotte) with her forever family.  Learn more about it here.

Additionally, there is another give away called The Get-Away Give Away and it involves 3-night vacation for four.  To learn more, go visit here.


Ellie has received her first Valentine.  I have an entire post dedicated to her reply.  Anyway, we were very excited to see this Valentine in the mail from her boyfriend/fiancĂ©.

Someone said Green tea is good for you. . .
(yes, that is a green tea packet in her mouth.  Yes, I do childproof my cabinets.  Yes, the Bear has mastered the childproof locks)



  1. Great post! I LOVE the Target legwarmer idea! So cool. I already buy their knee highs for me. Now I should just pick some up for Cora. Wonder if they'll be too big for her tiny little squishy legs? Her Babylegs are the only thing that have fit her all along. And yeah, I'll try to think of some good easy recipes. I love to cook in general and these days have been trying to cook healthier (and am very slowly whittling off the rest of my baby weight finally). Let me brainstorm.

  2. Re #4: Are you going to the NDSC conference? (I think) I've talked them & RDS Foundation into a fun run. Fun = short, but a run nonetheless so I've hefted myself up off the couch. Post/more info coming shortly.

    Re #5: Chicken + big jar o' salsa + crock pot. I serve w/couscous (5 minutes), or tortillas (chicken breasts will shred, sorta making burritos). 7 minutes total. Well, 7 minutes & 6-8 hours, but you can make more legwarmers during those 6-8 hrs. :)

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  4. Target is THE BEST for fun knee high socks. Sarah Kate has to wear a uniform to school, but they don't restrict sock colors. Since she needs knee highs to prevent the foam in her orthotics from breaking her out, we always get fun, loud, colorful socks. Now she can be The Sock Girl instead of The Girl With the Weird Braces. I've also made Nathan several pairs of baby legs (he wears them with a diaper, not a skirt!) using Target socks. Pickings are slimmer to use for boy legs but I've still made several pairs.

    As for food...have you checked into E-Mealz? I can cook but hate to plan meals (and the associated grocery list). Google it.

  5. Ellie looks like a dancer in her cute legwarmers! Just think, you could enroll her in dance and have another thing to get to during the week!

  6. Andi, that is so great that SK's school doesn't have a uniform code on socks. I bet SK totally rocks her knee highs!

    Great suggestions on food everyone. I will have to try out that crock pot chicken, krlr, for Andrew loves anything with salsa and tortillas. Plus, I will need to check out the E mealz :-)

  7. Already breaking into the child proof locks!!!? She is so smart!

    Great post! :)


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