Seven Snippets Friday

The Sever Snippets Friday blog hop is sponsored by my cyber bubby Andi at Bringing The Sunshine.

1.) Toddler bear has another ear infection.  She is getting her 3rd set of ear tubes today.  Goody.  You can see that she doesn't feel well.

2.) The Descendants has been nominated for multiple Oscars and it greatly saddens me that a movie that has:

Matt King ( Clooney): You are so retarded

Sid (Nick Krause): That's not nice.  I have a retarded brother

Sid : I'm just kidding.  I don't have a retarded brother. Sometimes when old people and retarded people are slow, I just want to make them hurry up.

as its dialogue is regarded so highly.  Yes, I know that the book does indeed have those very words in them, but come on! you would think Hollywood would be smarter than that to put those offensive, ignorant words in their movie.  Still, apparently the public must not care as this movie is receiving a great honor in the just nominations alone.  Am I the only one saddened by this?

3.) At the pediatrician's office this week, one of the ladies in the waiting room asked me if I was expecting.  You know.  As in pregnant.  No, I am not pregnant.  I am just overweight.  I had a baby 2 years ago and I am still carrying a spare tire around my waist.  Working out and eating somewhat (kind of sort of) right just don't cut it.  Perhaps I need to push myself more.  Still, what kind of person thinks it is okay to ask unassuming women if they are pregnant?

Actually, I look sort of like a chicken-skinny arms and legs, thick middle.

4.) Since we are on the subject of weight, the Ellie Bellie Bear is having the opposite problem.  She lost some weight.  We were referred to a dietitian who after reviewing Ellie's food diary declared that she is getting 133% of her calories met.  We went back to the pedi a week later for the above-mentioned ear infection and it looks like she gained 2 pounds in 1 week.  Me thinks their scale is inaccurate.  Me thinks The Bear moves too much on the scale.  I am assuming that Ellie has neither gained nor lost weight and I am not worried.

5.) We have a significant mold problem in the bathtub/tile of the master bath.  So significant that I have forbidden Andrew from showing in that cesspit of a bathroom.  I go into the bathroom yesterday to clean only to discover not only large dust bunnies in the bathtub, but also magazines.  That's right, my husband has turned our tub into a huge magazine rack.  I told him that is so white trash.  His response. . . "nope, we are off-white trash."

6.) Andrew, Ellie, and I are traveling to Long Beach, CA soon to visit Andrew's father.  I have only met him once and that was before we were engaged.  I am nervous.  What if after this visit he thinks "I cannot believe my son married this woman!"?  I am also nervous about taking Toddler Bear on the plane.  Ellie-Miss-Screams-A-Lot on Jet Blue.

7.) We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow.  I love that Ellie has been invited to birthday parties over the past year.  I love that she is included in these celebrations with her little friends.



  1. I was SO MAD that George Clooney won the Golden Globe and that he and the movie were nominated for an Oscar. I literally screamed at the tv during the golden globe broadcast. Grrrr.

    Poor sick boo. I hope she feels better soon.

  2. We had the same weight thing happen to Noah. They told us he lost a pound from 5-6 months. I was breastfeeding and felt like a failure we had a doctors appointment later that week and he was 2 lbs heavier...why and the world don't they reweigh :) also don't worry about crying/screaming on the plane, I came to the conclusion that everyone has a right to get from A to B including small children. No one guaranteed the passengers a quiet flight :) they can deal with it :) in the end everyone gets what they wanted to get to point B :)

  3. 1) People need to not ask about pregnancy unless someone is wearing a shirt that says "Baby on Board!"
    2) Totally random ? - Do you (or anyone) still host a RR linky? I have a big RR post on my blog today, but this is the first time I've done one and I have no idea if there's anywhere to link up or anything! Thanks!

  4. I'm built like a martini olive, and it's hereditary - my dad and his mom were also martini olives. :)

    Thanks for joining me in Seven Snippets Friday!

  5. Hey....come see me while you are here :) Reagan wants to meet Bear. Sorry about that ear infection...hope she's better soon!

  6. SO glad Ellie is back and doing good after surgery!!! Hope she is feeling better.

    Very sad to hear that about that movie. I must be totally out of the loop- I have not even heard of the movie. Hollywood is SO big on certain things they think should be accepted. Sad these words are still being spoken like this.

  7. Martini Olive--I love it, Andi! It is good to know that I am not the only person peeved about The Descendants. Sometime I feel like people aka Hollywood don't get it. Shauna--are you in Long Beach? Would love to meet up!


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