Friday, January 6, 2012


I worry constantly about my little Ellie being teased for being different.  I worry that she will have trouble making friends and being invited to birthday parties.  I worry about her talking.

All of those are minor worries compared to the real issues and concerns for children with special needs who live a half a world away.  In a world where they are sent to orphanages because they are "different".  Maybe it is an extra chromosome like in Down syndrome or maybe it is a genetic mutation like in Apert's syndrome, or maybe it is cerebral palsy or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome that makes these children deemed as less than worthy.  Different should not be equated with unloveable.  All children deserve a loving home and a chance a life and yet, in a half a world away, many of these children are not given that chance.  In fact, their chances of survival alone decrease when they are transferred around the age of 5 years-old and are forced to "live" out their days in a mental institution.

Welcome to "Forget-Me-Not Friday".

I worry that Tabitha has never felt a loving embrace.

I worry that John Mark has never been told "I love you."

I worry that Holly has never received a kiss on her cheek.

I worry that Elden does not get enough to eat.

I worry that Evelyn is not receiving the medical care she so desperately needs.

The children shown above are listed on Reece's Rainbow, an adoption ministry.  As everyone knows, adoption isn't exactly free and a donation of any amount can be extremely beneficial.  Spreading the word about these children along with prayers can be life changing.   To learn more about how you can help, please visit

Additionally, the Sader Family still needs funds in their adoption of little Charity.


Plus, there is another really exciting give away with TONS of prizes on the Sphak blog.  They cannot submit their dossier until they raise enough funds. . . that is all that stands between them and Shannon.


Thank you to all who have supported many of the families featured on this blog and who have prayed for and helped many of the children on RR.  You are forever appreciated.

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