Friday, January 27, 2012

Forget Me Not Friday: Feeling defeated

Sometimes I feel so defeated because when I check my blog stats, these Reece's Rainbow posts are the least frequented.  Does anyone read these Forget-Me-Not posts?  Instead of incessantly worrying if I am annoying all of you with these faces of orphans and requests for saving up change, I think, what if?  What if, just once, someone sees their child on here?  Or what if, the right person sees this week's give away and helps the Sader's bring Charity home?  There are a lot of what ifs and it is these what ifs that keep me forever blogging on Forget-Me-Not Fridays.  Plus, I know of a very exciting, never-before-done give away coming up.  Do not worry, for I will be sure to give the details when the time arrives.

These children below are all in desperate need of a home.  By now, you are all aware that children in Eastern Europe with special needs such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Apert's syndrome, and other needs are sent to orphanages and later, mental institutions because they are valued as less than worthy.  If you want to learn more, please click here.


Bogdan B.




Facing Transfer to Mental Institution




  1. I know what you mean. It bugs when that I get more hits the few times I post about my family than I do when I post about families and children in urgent need.

  2. Don't stop. This warrants a long comment but I'm not sure I can cram all that I'd want to say in something readable. No one in this community is unaware, but sometimes... life intervenes, kids need dinner, and sometimes there are just SO MANY windmills to tilt at. Here, abroad, IEPs, private therapy, the medical bills, bullying, etc., ad nauseum. My dearest wish is to adopt but we're not in the position to right now. Seeing the kids' photos reminds me where we're headed. But bemoaning our finances in the comment section while kids languish in laying rooms, or making inane comments about the "poor dears" or "how could they" turns my stomach & I can't do it. It would seem small. You might not be running the Berlin airlift, but you ARE standing watch. Don't underestimate that role.

  3. Just keep on posting. Someone, somewhere out there just may see their child in one of your post and for that'll be a hero.

  4. Thank you for all of your kind comments. I would give anything to bring Tabitha (of 15H Russia) home. However, it truly is not possible for us and I hope that someone, somewhere will see her sweet face and adopt her. . . or see any of these other children. Again, thank you for your comments for they mean the world.


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