Wordless Wednesday: The Purse

It is getting harder and harder to snap pictures of my increasing mobile Toddler Bear so please forgive the blurriness of the photos.

The Bear's newest endeavor on pretend play: The Purse.  She puts all of her favorite toys in her purse, slings it onto her shoulder, and then prances about the house.  Diva.



  1. Ooooh! Thanks for starting my day off with a HUGE smile!!! Love this - she's definitely a diva!!

  2. I LOVE imaginary play! I was so happy when my first started it, and am still amazed when I see the boys doing it. I cannot wait for Cal to join them! Now, what I don't get is 'purse play' :(

  3. what a cutie! yes, a diva, an adorable one! looks like she's into pink. your photos are nice, it seems like they captured her personality well.

  4. Look at her! I LOVE the purse!!!! She is too beautiful--her pictures always make me smile with joy!

  5. She is adorable! Thanks for stopping by We Can Do All Things!


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