Being Free. Playgrounds.

I must admit that there are times where I think a lot about Down syndrome.  I know that we are two year's into this journey, but, yes, I still think about it a lot.  There are times, however, that Ds doesn't even enter my mind at all.

These photos crack me up.  It is as though Ellie is "striking a pose".  Here, let me just model these jeans for you.

Today was one such day.  It was absolutely beautiful in Austin.  Reaching near 70 degrees, we headed to the park with some friends.

Where there is a playscape, Ellie is in her element.  It is where she is free to be herself.  Free from therapists telling her what to do. Free to run. Free to climb.  Free to chase after the "big" kids.

It is at a park where I do not see the developmental differences so much between her and other children her age.  Yes, I know, I know, do not compare!  I love the park and clearly Ellie does too!



  1. Elie is so beautiful! Looks like a beautiful day for some fun! I bed Ellie loves all the sensory input that the park provides with the colours, movement and speed!

  2. Elie looks so joyful in that last photo. She is a doll.

  3. Love it! Great photos and it feels good just reading it :)

  4. You can just see the joy in her little face:-) That's just what mommies want to see--happy children.

  5. I still think about Ds a lot too. I know people says it changes, but I'm not sure how, since it does affect so many aspects of her life at this point. Ellie is so cute. Looks like she loves the park.

  6. Beautiful pics! I wish we had nicer weather up here in jersey to visit the park more.


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