Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stop Disability Slurs! The Change Up

Since writing this post late last night (8/7/11), our Facebook page "Stop Disability Slurs" has jumped to over 107 "likes".  Please spread the word and if you have not done so, mosey on over to Facebook and like our page Stop Disability Slurs: Do You Have The Courage?  Do not forget to spread the word.  We are hoping to drastically increase our numbers.  We need to unite and take a stand.  Please continue to visit our page for updates.  Thank you!

No, I have not seen "The Change Up" staring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds.  No, I will not be seeing this movie ever.

If I were to say "n*gger", I would be yelled at.  If I were to say "W*t Back", again, I would be chastised.  If I were to say "f*ggot" or "that is so gay", I would be told I am being offensive.  All of the above is completely derogatory, unacceptable, and I would never use those words in jest or in anger.  It is just plain wrong

So how is calling someone "r*tarded" or saying "oh my that is so r*tarded" or "I am such a r*tard"not offensive I ask?  My daughter has Down syndrome, she is retarded in the sense that she has slowed growth or developmental delay.  My daughter is 22 months-old.  She cannot stand up for herself yet.  Therefore, it is my JOB as her mother to stand up for her.

What does this have to do with "The Change Up" ?  A friend of mine brought to my attention that the movie not only uses the word "r*tarded" within the first 15 minutes of the movie, but it also specifically pokes fun at Down syndrome.  For real you ask?  Oh yes.  For real.  In 2011, Hollywood still thinks it is appropriate to poke fun at those with intellectual disabilities.  Those that many not be able to stand up for themselves.

Now, are you ready for the kicker?

RR's character looks at JB's twin infants as says "Are they r*tarded?  This one looks a bit Downsy."

How is that not offensive?  How can I not be enraged?

Now, I know that you do not know my cyber girl Jen at Cowgirl Up! and you know that I have not seen the movie.  How do I know this to be true?--it is also listed in a movie review of The San Francisco ChronicleThe Change Up: Dude watch me mess up your life

This leads me to a fabulous campaign that I am asking you to join.  It is easy.  Really really easy.  If you love my daughter. . . if you love someone with an intellectual disability. . .if you think this is offensive, then please, I am begging you take a stand.  Gretchen at Julian's Journey outlines a series of ways to take a stand.  It is as easy as liking the FB page Stop Disability Slurs!

Stop Disability Slurs! BOYCOTT The Change Up



  1. OH! this is GREAT! TWeet Tweet Tweet! What else can you help me with? I put a bunch of ideas of things we need to do on the Stop Disability Slurs page

  2. PS I also added you as an administrator of the page....because I want you to be a partner in crime

  3. I AM STILL AWAKE. IT IS 4 am. I need to be up at 7 am. Uh oh


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