Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bringing Andriy Home-The Big Push

I originally published this on Sunday August 14, 2011 but I am making it this week's Forget-Me-Not Friday Post as this family, The Taylor Family is in desperate need of funds.  As it stands, they have just enough to fly to E.E., but they have no funds to return with Andriy stateside.  They are expected to travel in a few weeks.  

Which brings me to 1. their story and 2. their exciting fundraiser with great giveaways and an angel offering to match donations at 50%!!!!

What you may not know, is that I am close to cyber-buddy Christie.  I am going to tell there story in my humble words:

It is often said that "adoption is not for the faint at heart."    

April 2010

Committing to adopt a child is a big decision, but the decisions do not end there.  Household changes need to be made. Supplies/furniture/gear for the new member of the family are needed.  This is no different than having a new baby.  However, home study fees, notarizing documents for a dossier, passports, travel fees, orphanage donations, and whatnot are adoption-specific and those costs add up.  

My dear friend Christie and her family (the Taylors) made the big leap to adopt many months ago.  Their adoption journey has been filled with many twists and turns.  While their homestudy moved swiftly and many documents completely quickly, other issues have arisen.  Unfortunately, the family's need to fund raise has returned and it is most urgent for you see, the family is going to receive a travel date within the next few weeks. 

To read the full details about the Taylor Family's journey, click here, here, and here.

The Taylor family was called to adopt after viewing a video of a little boy in Eastern Europe [EE] named Alexander.  This boy’s picture was put with another child’s information. You see, there were TWO “Alexanders” in that orphanage.  Both boys  are the same age.  One boy has already been transferred to an institution while the other Alexander in the videos and pictures remains in the baby orphanage.  

In a part of the country where gathering accurate information is difficult to come by due to a paper-world instead of electronic media, a HUGE miscommunication occurred.  You see, the little boy in the video, the little boy that was listed on the RR page, the little boy that the Taylor family committed to is NOT currently nor has he ever been available for adoption.  His mother still has parental rights. 

Over the past few months, the staff at the orphanage and members of RR have diligently been trying to track down Alexander's birth mother.  She has moved to another town and they have now located her; however it is unknown IF she would be willing to place him up for adoption and when the meeting to discuss this will even take place.  

The Taylor family is ready to adopt a child. Their documents are in place. A travel date is coming.  Reece's Rainbow has offered to allow the money in the Taylor's FSP (family fund) to move to another child listed on RR. To a little boy that is available for adoption now.  Little Andriy.


Andriy--totally rocking those knit booties

However, not all funds can be transferred for this adoption.  A fund of $7,837 will remain with Alexander in case he does indeed become available.  This is money that was in his grant fund, not the FSP fund.  What that means is the Taylor family $6,500 short because in committing to Andriy they have gained his grant in the mount of $1425.  That kind of money equates to airfare, lodging, transportation, food, health care, etc all while in E.E.  This money is needed and soon.

As Christie states: "I am so sorry, I have no grand gifts to offer; I am simply a mom asking for your support, your prayers and for you to share our story please."  

So here I am, also as a mother, but also as a friend asking you to do the same.  If you can please pray for all involved.  If you would like to donate, please click link below.  If nothing else, please pass on this request because together, I know that we can turn these mountains into molehills.


Disclaimer: this post is by no means meant to slander anyone.  A terrible mistake was made due to communication difficulties--communication between countries with different languages and different modes of communication.  Two “Alexanders” born the same year and both with Down syndrome in the same orphanage.  This is not a typical occurrence.  It is a blessing that this was actually discovered prior to the family traveling.  Please look past all of this and see that it is a child's life that is at stake here.



  1. Anna, thank you much for helping us sweetie! I cannot show enough gratefulness. Love you!

  2. great post, Anna - I am in awe of Christie being as committed as she is AND being so brave in pivoting with the change of events.

  3. oh anna what a friend you are! meeting you is the greatest thing about blogging! i a going over to say hi to christie now! xxxx


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