Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Latte Challenge

I am posting the Forget-Me-Not Friday post a little early because time is of essence.

Hypothetically or perhaps truthfully, you get a latte at some coffee shop Monday to Friday.

Let's say a grande latte (let's face it, most of you do not order the smaller one) costs about $4.00  I am going with this cost because I googled it.  I am a coffee purest if there is such a thing.  Straight up black, with some ice to cool it down past boiling.

$4.00 latte x 5 days = $20

Times are tough and cash is tight.  Believe me, I feel the crunch too.  The purse strings are held even closer to our chest during this time of recession.  Yet, I am going to challenge you for 1 week, to give up your morning latte and use that saved $20 to help Andriy, Charlotte (Maria), or Shannon.  Help them be united with their forever families.

Andriy (Taylor Family)

Charlotte /  Maria (Dirkes Family)

Shannon (Sphak Family)

You cannot go without your morning latte.  Then how about going for straight up coffee and asking for LOTS of room for cream/milk.  Sort of make your own latte.  A cup of coffee from Starbucks, Coffee Beanery, et. al is about $2 (yikes!  That is some expensive coffee).

Switching to coffee saves you $2.00/day x 5 days = $10/week

That is $10 for a little angel.

Again, I challenge you to give up or substitute your latte for only 1 week and help a these families.

What if just a few of us did this?  What if all of my readers did this?  Just think of the difference it could make?

It could make the difference for the Taylor family who is getting a travel date any day now.  The family whose journey recently took a very sharp turn.  You can read said "sharp turn" here.  They are having an amazing fundraiser so be sure to check out her blog.

It could make the difference for the Dirkes family.  They are still very far from their fundraising goal and as her forever mama says "Every waiting child deserves a "Gotcha Day"!"

It could make the difference for the Sphak family who hosted a very lovely give-away only received only a handful--barely enough to cover the cost of the fundraiser.  Shannon has been waiting far too long to be adopted.  She lost a previous family who was coming for her and now she is living in a mental institution!

For those of you who wonder why I get so worked up and why I beg and plead. . . here is a reminder.
WARNING: the photos in this post are very disturbing.  This little girl child is 9 (NINE) years-old.

The Beginning of Katerina's Story

With a broken heart and tears, please pray for this family.  Please pray for Katie (Katerina).  She really is living on borrowed time.  Pray that this adoption can be expedited so that her family can bring her home.  Home to where she is loved.  Home to where she is properly fed.  Home to where she can receive the medical care that she needs.

I will forever be saying All Children Are Worthy

*The regular Forget-Me-Not Friday Blog Hop should be up and running next week with Jane at Flight Platform Living.  What is a blog hop?  Check out her blog to find out!  Or wait until next Friday!


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