Sunday, August 7, 2011

Silent Sunday: Shoes & Tutus

Ellie's cyber Auntie Cathy created the festive skirt, personalize T-shirt, happy hairbow, and rockin' tutu just for The Bear.  The shoes used to be her daughter Lily's and Ellie thinks they are awesome.  I think that they are pretty awesome too!  Many thanks to dear Cathy!!!

Cupcake Converse Shoes--I need some!

"MMMmmmm, I just love these Converse shoes."

"These are my shoes and you cannot have them!"



  1. Ellie...I would have washed those sneakers if I knew you were going to have them for lunch!!! LOL

    You are so precious, young lady. I just can't wait for you and Lily to finally meet and get to play together!!!! I think your momma and I will have fun together too!!

    Thanks for sharing more pics, Anna!!! Love ya both!

  2. Love the pics! That child is soooo beautiful. Cathy can seriously make some tutus, too. :-)

  3. Those cupcake Converse are killing me! I LOVE them!! Ellie is my fashion inspiration!


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