Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Letter From Democrat Braun in Response to my Letter

Update 8/31/11 at 7:30pm:  Democrat Braun mentioned a research paper and a specific doctor affiliated with a well known institution in his email to me stating that his remarks and beliefs are based off of true science and research.  I have, in turn, contacted the mentioned doctor because I believe this said doctor's work was being misrepresented for a political agenda.  The doctor has forwarded me his research paper for my review and he has read Dem Braun's email response.  The doctor is horrified and as such wants no affiliation with Braun and no comments about him to the press.  

As a result, I now have confirmation that as I suspected, Braun's "research" is fabricated and I am blocking out the doctor's name from this post.  

I didn't think I could ever be complete speechless, yet here I am. . . speechless.  Well, I have one word.  Wow.

Oh wait, I supposed I should have mentioned that I AM a medical professional.

Here is Democrate Harry Braun's response to my letter.

Dear Anna,

Thank your for your email.

Please find my answers below.

Dear Harry Braun,

I am writing as a concerned citizen.  I am writing because I would like to believe that you have been misinformed or are just plain ignorant about people with different needs.  
While the environment is a noble cause and one that must be addressed, the use of a politician’s family members, especially a small child with special needs, is completely unacceptable and in poor taste.  In actuality, targeting a specific group of people as the result of gender, race or ability is defined as Hate Speech.

I am sorry if my comments offended you, but please note that my comments were clearly not attacking Trig, who is an innocent victim, but the policies of his mother who serves the interests of the oil and chemical companies, who are really responsible for Trig's condition, as well as the hundreds of millions of other children and billions of adults who must now deal with the epidemics of cancer, Autism in the young and unborn, and Alzheimer's for everyone else as we age into a mindless future.   I believe that such chemical contamination should be illegal, which is one of the reasons why I am running for president, and the only way to reverse this tragic course of history.  Do you disagree with these objectives?  
You see, my aunt who was born in 1958, and my 2 year-old daughter, Ellie have Down syndrome.  Like Sarah Palin’s son, Trigg, they have 3 copies of the 21st chromosome.  That means they carry 47 chromosomes instead of the 46 chromosomes that you and I possess.  That means people with Down syndrome take longer to learn and longer to walk and longer to talk.  However, they will & do learn, walk, and talk, just like everyone else.  Just like you.

Please note that I obtain my information from physicians and professors of medicine, which are listed on my website.  In addition to the extra chromosomes, which may also be the result of chemical contamination, your are assuming the the chemical poisons in the blood of each and every person and unborn child are not also having an impact on the proteins in the brain and body -- but they do.  It is why there are many medical references to the increasing number of interrelationships between Down Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder DS-ASD, and it is similar to trying to distinguish between Alzheimer's and Dementia, which on a molecular level, involves a similar.disorder that involves the destruction of proteins. According to a 2--- paper by -----, M.D., who specializes in the DS-ASD disorders at the ------ Institute, it used to be assumed that DS and ASD were different conditions, but the medical profession now recognizes that people with Down Syndrome are also typically suffering from ADS, and as such, each person will will react differently to the diseases, depending on what toxins are in their blood.  

Given that over 85,000 of the most toxic chemicals known were excluded from EPA review in 1970 by oil and chemical industry lobbyists, who paid off elected officials like Sarah Palin, and given that approximately one trillion gallons of these pesticides and other poisons have been produced each year since then, it is easy to understand why professors of medicine, which are listed on my Braun2012 website, have now documented that these poisons are now "ubiquitous" on the Earth.  If you look up this term,, you will find it means every man,woman and child on the Earth has been contaminated.  Even the polar bears, fish and birds in the remote regions of the Arctic now have these poisons in their blood, which is why these chemical poisons are now causing an epidemic of cancer, and a broad spectrum of neurological disorders worldwide, including Autism in the young and Alzheimer's in older adults.  
Down syndrome was actually first “labeled” as Down syndrome back in the 1860’s by Dr. John Langdon Down.  It is a syndrome that has been around for centuries. . . long before the energy crisis.  That is not my point. However, my point is that in your speech, you have offended many people--parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, and uncles by targeting a specific group of people.   

Anna, can you please explain to me why is it offensive to state medical facts?  After all, I was not blaming or being critical of Trig who did nothing to cause his disease, but his mother Sarah, who runs around the country telling people that we have too many regulations on toxic substances, which then contaminate millions of children like Trig each year..  That is a policy decision that I am objecting to because I think it should be illegal to contaminate innocent people and unborn children with any toxic chemicals, much less than over 85,000. 

You have targeted those with Down syndrome. 

That statement is simply not true.  I have clearly targeted the oil and chemical companies who make several billion dollars in profit each year by producing over one trillion gallons of these poisons annually, which are no known to cause profound neurological disorders like Autism and Dementia that will cost trillions of dollars in unnecessary health care costs (which alone will bankrupt the USA) and that does not include the profound pain and suffering that is incalculable.  Can you not see the difference?

 I have had the privilege to grow up around my Aunt Peggy who has made me a better person.  Now, my life has been completed by my daughter Ellie who will, might I add, “grow up” just as my Aunt Peggy and numerous other individuals who carry that extra 21 chromosome have.

As Dr. ---- pointed out, it is no longer just a question of having an extra chromosome (which by the way only codes for proteins) because the large number of toxins in the blood are going to do their damage as well.  When a molecule of poison encounters a protein molecule, it is like an acid ball that melts the proteins into sticky parts, which then attach themselves to the synapses of nerve endings, which prevents the memories from being used. 
Did you know that many adults with Down syndrome work?     Yes, I am aware that some individuals are able to function better than others, but it all depends on the total load of toxins that are circulating in brain and body.

Did you know that they vote?  Get married?  Drive? Did you know that they are tax-paying FIRST-rate citizens?  Once again, it is no longer possible to separate DS from ASD, and most of those with ASD never grow up to get married or become tax-paying citizens.  Indeed, they must still be cared for long after their parents die.  This is now the tragic outcome for millions of American families, and there is no end in sight unless the production of poison is made illegal.  
It was very heartbreaking to hear your speech. I only hope that you, personally, read my letter and take it to heart.  That you find yourself more educated and that you take it upon yourself to apologize to everyone.  This is your opportunity to set the record straight.  This is your chance, while you have the media’s attention, to show that you can learn from experience and are willing to admit that you made a grave mistake in dragging a fellow politician’s little child into a campaign and insulting a group of fellow Americans.  

Once again Anna, what was it that I said that insulted Trig that was so heartbreaking?   I thought contaminating every man, woman and child in the country was heartbreaking, but apparently you and the others who have contancted me on this issue are not concerned with elected officials who allow lobbyists to secretly poison our own people and their children.  How can that be???  Please note the Poisoning of America cover story by Time was first published in 1980.  

If you would like more information, I encourage you to visit the National Down Syndrome Society at http://www.ndss.org or you can learn more about Ds and about my daughter Ellie athttp://ellietheurer.blogspot.com

Thank you again for your email.  I will review your links Anna and I hope you will take the time to review my Braun 2012 website.

Please feel free to follow up.


Harry Braun
Democratic Candidate for President

Respectfully yours,
Anna C. Theurer,



  1. OK. Excuse my language here.. but holy s**t!!!!!! WTH is WRONG with this man?????!!!!! Toxins caused my baby to have Down's Syndrome?? No jackass (again, excuse my potty mouth!). I'm pretty sure that you are wrong. What about babies who are born in third world countries that don't even HAVE any way of polluting the environment around them? Don't they have babies with DS there too? I'm pretty sure that, yep, they sure do! " Yes, I am aware that some individuals are able to function better than others, but it all depends on the total load of toxins that are circulating in brain and body." What a crock!
    I completely understand that this man is trying to get elected President. But I'm pretty sure that spreading this ignorant nonsense around isn't going to get it done. Those of us with amazing kids aren't STUPID! *shaking my head* I am flabbergasted!

  2. Im sorry. What? Is he kidding? Clearly he is a joke. WTH? Sorry, I just don't get it. His responses are piss poor and uninformed at best. (Sorry for the language. When Im mad, Im mad.) He needs to get a grip and get better information and better medical advisors. UGH! Sheesh! Spit! Ridiculous! AHHHHH!!! I want to punch him in the face (or something more sensitive.) What a.... [Dear God, Please forgive me for my anger toward this man. He clearly needs a lesson from you. I will assume you will provide him with that lesson at some point.] Sigh....BIG SIGH......

  3. Okay, I'm *totally* with you on "Wow!" and "speechless." Sheesh.

  4. And I repeat: you can't stop crazy, and you can't fix stupid.

    Braun completely misses the point, of course. Even if he were right that environmental toxins lead to Down syndrome (I've never seen such a theory argued by any reputable research outlet), the reason his comment was so offensive was because he indicated that people with Ds are unwanted and have no value. The environment, toxins, lobbyists, and politics have nothing to do with anything.

  5. he yelled his ignorance to the world in sentence 1!'please note that my comments were clearly not attacking Trig,'...oh you reckon!! then to continue to twist everything to make his own political point with toxins in the blood causing genetic conditions thrown in just as an add-on! where is his research on this amazing new medical fact! what a total and utter jerk!!!

  6. Unbelievable. So much for my hopes to make a dent in his ignorance.

  7. I sit here and all I can really do is shake my head. To have information very clearly placed in front of him from a parent of a child that has Down syndrome and to read his obvious lack of "getting it" makes me shudder. I will NEVER understand the ignorance with which this man spouts his political views. My daughter has 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. She didn't get those by toxins in her blood. She was just one of the lucky view to be chosen to be blessed. His idiotic statement that he wasn't offensive and that we as parents choose to view it that way is laughable. My daughter WILL succeed in life you toad and she will hopefully lobby against idiots like you and make you eat your stupid words. Nothing makes Emily happier than proving how stupid some people are in what they believe about Down syndrome. This man proves that it isn't our children you should feel sorry for, it is the adults that will never understand them that deserve your pity. So freaking angry not sure any of this even made sense. Ugh.

  8. her's how MY LETTER would go...

    Dear Harry,

    You sir, SUCK.


    Lily's Mom

    did I just write that? I did.

  9. *here's

    I misspell when I'm ticked.

  10. I can't wait to hear what Dr. Capone responds. This should be good.....

  11. Down syndrome and the big oil conspiracy. Tomorrow we'll cover how autism is caused by alien abductions.


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