Monday, February 1, 2010

Southern Living

Martha Stewart, Paula Deen, Gordan Ramsey, and Betty Crocker are all in my kitchen.  Only they go by the name of Megan Abbott. And no, this is not a Kitchen Nightmare!  It is Better Homes & Gardens or Iron Chef.

Megan is married to Matt who just happens to be from England. Megan loves to cook.  She now loves to cook British meals.  Andrew and I love to eat.  We now love to eat British meals.  Ellie likes to watch Megan cook.

First a little lesson in British:

crisps = fries
pudding = dessert
digestive biscuits = cookies
cheesed =  pissed
cow gum  = rubber cement  (I just thought this one was rather funny)

We have broken out the china and had a delightful 3 course meal complete with apricot-glazed bread & butter pudding.  Plus she made homemade potato crisps.


  1. Ellie looks really enthralled with Auntie Megan:-)

  2. The British boys are fantastic. I'm constantly making Ed explain what the heck he's talking about.
    His dad taught me to make Yorkshire Pudding though (which is not dessert), and it was scrumptious.


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