Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Puzzling Jig-Saw

According to Ellie Bellie, Queen of the Bear-Bears

My auntie Megan left me to go home to the snow in Philly.  I do not know where that is, but Mommy said that they have a large broken bell and a Rocky statue.  I thought all statues were made out of rocks.   Auntie Megan said that she got fuel for the snowblower and that Matt needs to shovel the driveway.  I do not know what this snow is.  We do not have it in Austin, Texas.  Mommy says that Texas is a desert and is hot.

My Awa Grandma is here now.  She reads stories to me about Amelie & Tama kitties.  She also sings fun songs about Personal Penguins.  She said that Davy Jones sang the penguin song first and the he is a Monkee.  Funny, he doesn't look like a monkey.

I really like to roll over onto my tummy now.  I always roll to my left because it is easy for me.  It is so much fun because then I can lift my head up high and reach for puppy toys and burp clothes.  I enjoy talking to my cow toy and the lady bug.  They do not talk back though.  It is so much fun until Mommy puts me in this side-lying position on my right.  I very much dislike the side lying position so I tell her by crying.  I don't think she hears very well so then I cry even louder.

My Daddy is really busy working in the kitchen and the garage.  He has these tiles that he is gluing to the wall.  Mommy said it is a backsplash and that she has been waiting 3 years for this.  My Daddy may be sticking things to the wall but he always has time to feed me and talk to me.

Well, Mommy wants her computer back and she said something about a nap. . . not sure how I feel about that.


Note: Personal Penguin written by Sandra Boyton and performed by Davy Jones (from the Monkees)
Play song for free at

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  1. that may just be the sweetest song I have ever heard.
    Also, fab pic of tummy time. Looking beautiful, Ellie.


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