Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Belated 5 Months Ellie!

Sorry, I have been a little side-tracked.  A plane intentionally crashed into an IRS building 15 minutes from our house at 10am today.  Pilot's house on fire 10 minutes from our home.  All of this arson and explosions had me glued to the TV and radio instead of blogging.

Moving on to talking about my favorite thing or should I say person---Andrew!  And Ellie!

Andrew is tiling the backsplash to our kitchen.  He has it 1/3 done.  Pictures soon to follow.

Milk Mouth Ellie doing the Upward-Facing-Dog & Sophie doing the Downward-Facing-Dog
(look at all that formula that she was hiding under her tongue)

Ellie turned 5 months-old on Tuesday.  She is getting to be a big girl and my back and arms can feel it.  This little monkey has a very spunky personality.

Ellie is always happy when she wakes up.  Always.  Even if I wake her up.  Who is that happy when they awaken from sleep?!  Goodness no matter what time it is or how many hours I have sawed off, I am grouchy upon waking. All of that being said, Bear-Bear does have those temperamental moments.
For instance:
1. She is hungry.  Bottle is removed from her mouth for burping.  AUGH! WAH!
2. She sees toy.  She wants toy.  Cannot figure out how to reach toy.  AUGH! WAH!
3. Bath time.  Water is dumped over head to rinse hair.  Apparently this is torture.  AUGH! WAH!
4. Unwanted tummy time.  We place Ellie on her back.  She immediately rolls to her left onto tummy.  She decides she didn't want that and does roll back.  AUGH! WAH!

The Bear has been rolling over for a while now.  However she only rolls to her left.  We are working on getting her to roll to the right by using toys at the suggestion of Ellie's developmental therapist.  This is not working.  Please refer to #2 above.

This little goose has been rolling at an angle.  She may be on one corner of the blanket and then she rolls a few times and ends up at the opposite end of the blanket and facing a completely different direction.  She does this a lot in her crib too.  I set her down on her back.  She immediately rolls to her tummy and somehow manages to turn at a 90 degree angle to the left.  Please refer to #4.

Please note the direction little Miss Sassy Pants is facing

Now look.  90 degree turn. Weight on her hands. Yay!

Angry Face--#2 & #4

Ellie is grabbing at toys infront of her now and she is putting her weight onto her hands only when in the tummy position.  She loves to make noises.  Very loud babbling.  Very loud babbling at 5am.

This was taken last week.  

Right now we are working on sitting with minimal support and pulling to sit.  Tummy time is always included along with the side lying position which she still hates.

She has very low muscle tone in the shoulders and trunk area.  This will make crawling, sitting unassisted and pulling to stand/sit very challenging.  She is sort of the opposite of other babies.  Most babies get stronger cephalocaudally--as in from the head & arms on down to the hips and legs.   Ellie has strong legs.  She loves to "stand" but she cannot pull her trunk up.  We must support her trunk because otherwise she is bent over while standing.  One thing is for sure . . .Ellie is a fighter.


  1. reread #3. The water is not torture, Ellie just speaks Spanish.
    Go Ellie!


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