Friday, February 26, 2010

Rock On

Baby Bear loves to rock.  And roll.  Literally. Miss Ellie loves to listen to her Rockaby Metallica Lullaby CD, but today she is into Queen.  My cell phone "bit the dust" a few days ago and since then I have had that song in my head.  Of course when a song is in my head, I think it is appropriate to sing it out loud and get it into other people's heads.   

Yeah, what's up?  I am a tough punk rock baby.  Just chillin'.

Does anyone know who killed JR?

Ellie Bellie Bear would also like to say she is excited that Papa Charles and Grandma Dunja are coming to Austin.  Ellie thinks that Polvos or Z-Tejas is a good idea.  

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  1. Ellie, you almost have it down. You need to do your hair like we did after your bath to go with your Tee:-)
    Awa Grandma
    PS. Enjoy your time with Grandma Dunja and Papa Charles!


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