Thursday, February 11, 2010

And to the vet we go. . .again

Sophie, the Princess of the Puppy Paw Paws

Cute and innocent, right?  Not so!

Just when you think medical bills are finally paid off there are vet bills.

Cute, yes.  Innocent.  Nope.  Lovable.  Most of the time. Stupid.  Occasionally & heading towards mostly.

Sophie, our adorable, fun loving, people-pleasing border collie is the bane of my existence.  She barks at everyone and everything in spite of all of our different training techniques. She jumps up on everyone which is risky for injuries.  She tried to "play" with Amelie by sitting on her.  Apparently, she eats carpet.  Yes, I said carpet.  Well, technically it is a rug.

We have or should I say had this rather lovely coffee-colored wool runner from Pottery Barn by our side door that is in the kitchen.  Sophie loves to sit by that door and sleep and look outside and bark at the neighbors.  A few days ago she ate a quarter-sized patch of that runner.  She basically chewed the corner off.  She managed to excrete (via both ends) most of that over the past few days.  Now she has me worried sick.

I shall back up.

1 year 3 days ago our beloved Rodeo passed away unexpectedly.  He started off with vomiting bile and then had frank blood coming out the other end.  Xrays were normal as per the vet.  We were told to monitor and keep hydrated.  He died within 24 hours.  I do not think Andrew and I are past his death.  Dogs, albeit animals can truly be a trusted companion and a good friend.  He was our baby.  A part of our family.
Rodeo, the Puppy Dog Puppy Prince dressed for our wedding

So here we are 1 year 2 days later and puppy Sophie starts in with the vomiting and diarrhea.  She spent most of yesterday at the vet for observation and IV fluids.  Stool cultures were normal.  Blood work normal.  Xrays normal.  She eats small amounts of bland food 3 times while at the vet.  She is sent home on a bland diet.  Last night she refuses food and we had to take Sophie out almost every 1-2 hours due to bowel issues. There were several accidents and crate cleanings throughout the night even thought Andrew and I took her out in shifts.  Seriously, I got up less with Ellie when she was a newborn.  By morning I was at my wits' end because she wasn't getting any better.  Andrew called the vet and she said to hold the food for 12 hours and push fluids.  The vet told us that it may take a few days for the gut to settle after she expelled the carpet chunk.

Being my usual high-strung anxious self, I continued to freak out. I was reliving the entire Rodeo ordeal even though Sophie's symptoms are different and definitely tied to eating a non-edible object.

Fast-forward to this afternoon.  Sophie is now passing mucus and blood and not playing.  Repeat freaking out and I demand to see the vet.

Diagnosis:  intestinal colitis due to ingested foreign object, stress & the subsequent release of toxic spores.

Uh right.

In a nutshell:
Sophie ate the carpet.  The carpet caused the gut to become inflamed.  The inflammation triggered the proliferation of Clostridium (a normal occurring bacteria in the gut that is now multiplying and releasing toxins), thus causing the blood and continued diarrhea.

Treatment: small amounts of bland food for 3 days.  Water.  Antibiotic for the Clostridium.

Result: Sophie is refusing the bland food.  She wants her old food.  Sophie took the antibiotic thinking it was a treat.  Amelie ate Sophie's bland food.  Amelie vomits all over the kitchen due to hairball.  Tama is my only furbaby that is pooping and peeing where she is supposed to be.
Amelie = trouble

I am still stress, worried, and freaking out.  I know how to assess, diagnose and treat humans, but I know nothing about dogs.  Oh Sophie why are you so stupid little puppy?
Sophie, pre-illness

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