Friday, February 19, 2010

Actress Comments on Family Guy Episode

This is what I call a happy, blessed family.

Well no, I have not found the lyrics to "Down Syndrome Girl".  Have you by chance seen them?  If so, please pass it on to me.

Many people have been so kind to send a news article to me from The New York Times : Art Beat. It is an interview conducted with the actress who performed the voice-over for the character Ellen with Down Syndrome in the most recent, controversial Family Guy.

Based off of this article, I think that the actress is great!  She is articulate and expresses her opinions very well.  She is an inspiration and is proud to play the characters that she has been ask play.  Andrea Fray Friedman is a 39 year-old actress who just happens to have Down Syndrome.  She sheds her thoughts on the Family Guy episode from Sunday titled "Extra Large Medium".  Confused?  Please read post from earlier this week.

I would really like to hear about your insight into the episode seeing as I am somewhat conflicted.  Feel free to either comment directly onto the blog or you may email me:

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