Monday, February 22, 2010

Heavy Weight Champ

The Bear is growing by leaps and bounds.  How big is she, you ask?  Well, you should know by now that a girl never reveals that number.   I think she is around 13.5 pounds give or take some ounces.  She is also getting extremely long.  Here I am 5'2" inches and my daughter is on the 90% for length on the DS chart!  Where did she get this height?  I am thinking the Bolte side of my mother's family, but I am not sure.

Ellie loves her bouncy chair (and so do the cats, especially Amelie).  She coos and gurgles to those plastic elephants with their beady jet black eyes.  She grabs their tails and tells them a story.  The problem is that she is almost too big for the bouncy chair.  The straps barely fit around her tummy and her feet are almost hanging off.

You are correct.  There is a puppy nose in the picture.

So today I moved the car seat straps to accommodate her length and I bought a second-hand bouncy chair that goes up to 25 pounds.  Hopefully that will last her a while.

Clothes:  I have discovered that my daughter is long in the trunk, but has short limbs.  Some of this is genetic and some of it is the DS.  Children with DS are often diagnosed as such in utero by having shorter femurs (leg) and shorter humerus (arm).  I still have to roll the cuffs on the sleeves and pant legs, the bodies of the PJs and onsies are still baggy, but I cannot snap the bottoms of the onsies.  She is too long.  So, I guess we will be moving up to 6-9 month-size clothing.

And that is why we say "Sooo Big!" when the Bear-Bear is around.
Why is Mommy trying to make me laugh?  Doesn't she know that she isn't funny?

Well, maybe I will humor her and crack a little grin.

Okay, enough already with the camera.


  1. Oops! I should have read the blog re: bouncy chair. Love the bow, Ellie!

  2. As per Ellie: "I feel pretty. Oh so pretty"


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