Sunday, January 31, 2010

Philadelphia Chickens

All of this eating is making me exhausted.

One of the many great things about Philadelphia is the scattered food trucks that are parked along every street curb.  You can get Chinese food, Korean food, sandwiches, those trademarked Philly pretzels, cheesesteaks, etc.   Back when I was a poor college student, these food trucks along with mac'n'cheese and ramen noodles kept the brain juices flowing.  I never thought much about food trucks or the food poisoning that sometimes followed until Megan pointed out something to me.  There. Is. No. Cupcake. Food Truck.  Oh how did we survive without cupcakes?!?!?!

Never fear food truck lovers.  There is a cupcake food truck in Austin.  Hey Cupcake!  Michelle, you must appreciate this.  Hey Cupcake! has 5 convenient locations throughout the Austin area.  Most of them are in a food truck.  Snowcap.  The Standard.  The Double Dose.  Oh sigh I need a cupcake now!

Enough about chocolate.  I could go on all day and night about the wonders of chocolate and how I searched high and low for the bag of M&Ms that Andrew hid from me, but I will not.  Instead, I will tell you that yesterday, January 30, was the first "Auntie Megan Day".  My dear friend Megan is visiting from Philadelphia.  We have known each other since 1998 when we met via nursing school.  When you are in nursing school the best dummy to practice on is sometimes your lab partner.  Megan and I have been through a lot together such as palpating the inguinal pulse and breaking into the dining hall at Midnight.  Nonetheless she is here and we are having a fabulous time.
Ellie with "Auntie" Megan

Ellie Bear loves her Auntie Megan.  Yesterday she hung out with Megan so that Andrew and I could go on a date.  Andrew and I had a wonderful time napping.  Yes, a date nap.  It was glorious.  Ellie is a talker.  She babbles on and on to me, Andrew, her toys, her Grandmother, and the waiter at Kim Phung.  She will not speak to anyone else because they are strangers and are therefore scary.  Do not ask about the waiter at Kim Phung.  Apparently little Bear knows Vietnamese.  Oh yes, Megan.  Ellie enjoys having full on conversations with Auntie Megan while she is drinking her bottle.  I have told her numerous times that it is not polite to talk with your mouth full, but clearly this little tyke has a mind of her own.  Not only does Ellie love Megan, the Sophie Princess of the Puppy Paws loves her too.  She wants to sit all the time for Megan.  Sophie brings her toys to Megan.  She follows her into the bathroom.  If only I could have such power.
Kreuz.  No forks.  No sauce.  Just good food.

Auntie Megan Day was celebrated by having Kreuz BBQ for lunch and then Mexican food for dinner.  Hum, wait!  This sounds more like an Andrew day.

blog post:  Philadelphia Chickens book by Sandra Boynton

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  1. Hey, I'm getting jealous of all this Auntie Megan stuff from Ellie and Sophie! Just kidding:-) Glad to see you two are still a twosome! Mommy Bruns aka Awa Grandma
    PS. Daddy Bruns says he "won't ask" about breaking into the Penn dining hall.


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