Friday, January 15, 2010

Where there is a box

. . .there is sure to be a cat.

but no one ever mentioned anything about a dog.

Animal behaviors never cease to amaze me.  Actually, my own furbabies are so ridiculous that you cannot help but laugh at their antics.  For instance, Tama stole the brisket off of my father's plate once.  Sophie mimics Ame by trying to climb trees.  Amelie turns on the bouncy chair. Of course, many times I am moved to tears--like when Sophie takes a walking poop throughout the house or when Amelie figured out how to open the can of formula. Or when Tama acts like she wants pets and then metamorphs into a vampire kitty.

The above picture is the result of Andrew's antics.  See the thing is, that box is the same box that held the glorious Pik-n-Stik.  Still waiting for the call button, honey!

Occasionally my father will amaze me.  As you guys know, I kidnapped my mother for the past week and a half.  My mom has two "babies"--Sparkler and Smokie who are maine-coon kitties.  (I am just dying to use Sparkler's tail to clean my fan blades).  Anyway, my dad knew that mom missed her furbabies (and him of course) so he did a kitty photo shoot and sent an email to her from "the cats".  Clever huh?  Disgustingly romantic?  Yep.

This is proof that it does get cold down here (except it got up to 60 today).  Now granted, it had not been this cold since 1962.  That record was 19 degrees and it was 17 degrees in this pic.  It looks like the anti-freeze is not so anti.

Your cute baby Bear-Bear picture of the day.

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