Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There Is A Light

This morning I work up and I found little stinky-butt at the head of the bed playing.  She was trying to roll over from back to tummy :o)  I guess her crazy acrobatics caused her to migrate to the head of the bed.  Of course being a paranoid mother, I worry that my Circ De Soleil baby will get her head trapped between the mattress and crib railing.

As many of you know I have been suffering from PPD (Post-Partum Depression).  After multiple crying episodes and feelings of failure, I finally got back in to see my psychiatrist.  On Thursday of last week we added on nortriptyline, a tricyclic antidepressant that works on norepinephrine, in addition to my increased dose of Lexapro.

Have you ever read the side effects of these medications that mess around with brain chemistry?  Involuntary muscle movements, twitching of the face & tongue, hallucinations, erratic heart rates, etc.  Then it goes on to say that some of these reactions may be permanent.  As in forever!   Yep, really makes you want to take the medication.  Well, so far I am not twitching and I am hopefully not hallucinating or having delusions.  I mean, how do you know if you have hallucinations--you believe that they are there unless someone tells you otherwise.  Seriously, I doubt Ellie could tell me that I am hallucinating.  Anyway, I think that all is good.

The past 2 days I have been doing better.  Yesterday I actually left the house willingly for something that had nothing to do with a doctor's appointment.  My mother (who is helping out do to my bum back), Bear Bear and I went to a British Coffee & Tea shop.


They have scones!  Brownies!  Digestive biscuits!  (if you do not know what those are--ask Matt Abbott)  They have French Press Coffee!  Lots of coffee!  We had coffee from Yemen.   I didn't even know they exported coffee. Mom and I ordered this amazing brie & bacon sandwich with raspberry chipotle spread.  Yum :-)  Of course Little Ellie Bear slept through the whole thing.

Andrew and his 2nd wife

Guess what Andrew did?  He ordered me one of those poles that picks up objects from the floor.  Oh goody.  Nothing like making me feel decrepit and old.  Maybe he should have also ordered me a "Help, I've Fallen & I Can't Get Up" button.  Seriously?!?!  Okay, I know that it is actually practical, but still.


  1. ooh, now I want to make scones. Looks like Ed would love that place.
    Be sure to poke Andrew with that pole. Just to keep him on his toes. ;)

  2. Anna, Aren't you glad that you got Andrew his first time around ?:_)....Men are definitely not like good wine...which only gets better with time! Leslie


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