Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 4 Months Ellie

Yes, I know that she hit the 4 month mark on Saturday, but I am just now getting around to blogging about it :-)  I hope that this posting makes sense because I have been up for a while now.   Babycakes woke up really early and kept us up due to her loud "talking".  We could hear her over the humidifier and from down the hallway.  Goodness, she may have Andrew's good looks, but she definitely has my talking gene.

Do you see that reddish hair?  Andrew says she looks like a comic book villain.

Dancing an Irish Jig 

Today Bear-Bear had her 4 month well-child check with Dr. Nichols.  As I have mentioned before, Ellie's pediatrician looks like Dr. Lisa Cuddy from House.  It just kills me that she has popped out a few bambinos of her own and she is still smokin' hot.  I on-the-other-hand look to be about 5 months pregnant.

Okay, back to Ellie Bear's visit.

Weight:   12 lb 8 oz  
Length:    23 inches
Head Circ: 38 cm

Our little chunky chicken is doing marvelously!  She was very enthralled with Dr. Nichols' black & white dress.  So much so that she "talked" to the dress through half of the appointment.  Then Baby Bear tried to grab the doctor's stethoscope which really impressed the doctor.  Yep, our little girl is reaching for objects :-)  Pretty soon she will try to steal my coffee. I am sure of it!

Ellie's tone is really good for a baby with DS, but she still has some low tone in the shoulders and in the trunk.  Continuing tummy time should help with some of that.  Fortunately, she loves being on her tummy.  Right now I am working on getting her to grab for toys while on her stomach.

Our little Tuna of the Sea has also been referred to an ENT due to the narrowed nasal passageways and narrow ear canal.  I just laughed because I AM (okay, I was. . . big sigh) ENT.  Dr. Nichols recommended Dr. Connelly which is sort of funny because I met him at a conference back in 2005.  I seriously doubt he would be able to recall meeting me.

Cross your fingers that Ellie doesn't get too fussy with these vaccines.

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