Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Theurer New Year

(Mark, Josel, Papa Charles, Mama Dunja, Megan, Andrew, Anna, Ellie)

New Year's Day according to the Bear-Bear:

My parents put me in the car with the doggy.  She was hyper and barked at the people at the gas station. I was very tired though so I slept through most of her antics.  Mommy's back really hurt so we kept stopping but I do not remember any of that.

We got to Plano and I saw Grandma Dunja and Papa Charles.  They are so funny and gave me toys to play with.  I liked to bat at them with my hands, but sometimes I miss.  I will be a ball player when I am older.

I met my Uncle Mark and Aunt Josel the first night along with cousins Megan and Alexander and their Grandmother.  We had so much fun.   Uncle Mark held me and then he made all of this food--goulash with potato dumpling-like things that I wanted to eat so bad.  As usual, I got formula.  I always get formula, but now they add some apple juice to it and it is yummy.

The next day we went to Mi Cocina for lunch.  I am a good baby.  I like to eat with the family so I wait until the food arrives for everyone else and then cry for my formula.  See, I drink my bottle while everyone else is eating too.  Except for mommy. . .

That night Grandma Dunja made a pork roast that smelled delicious.  Again, I got formula.

Just before getting into the car I met my Uncle Tom, Aunt Michele and cousin Haleigh.  Aunt Michele held me and talked to me.  Haleigh touched my head.  Haleigh wondered why I stole her crib.  I tried to tell her I was just borrowing it.  Haleigh likes fun hats too :-)

Bye bye for now--Ellie Bear

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