Monday, January 4, 2010

Child of the Inner Light

The Baptism of Ellie Marie
December 26, 2009

It has been said, according to the Roman Catholic Church, that Baptism is the greatest gift that you can give your child.  Baptism has been referred to as the "gateway" into a life with God.  Ellie Marie can learn about God's unconditional love, His forgiveness of sins, and His healing power.  Through her faith in God, she will be able to handle the many challenges that life throws her way.

As you can see, Ellie's is still sporting a mow-hawk form in spite of the Holy oil and Holy water.  She is modeling a Christening gown from 1903 (maybe even older).  The gown was my Grandfather Alphonse Bolte's.

Deacon Dan Wright is a fabulous person.  He married Andrew and me in this exact church~St. Thomas More.  Dcn Dan did a personalized Baptism for dear  Ellie.  Not only is he a Deacon, but he also works as a special education high school teacher in the Round Rock School District.  Maybe he will be Ellie's teacher one day!  Dcn Dan discussed how Ellie is a special child of God and that God has handpicked special parents for this special baby.

Bath vs. Tism:
In the photo above you can see little Bear having cold Holy water poured over her head three times.  We fully expected a full on screaming fit since Ellie screams bloody murder as I pour water over her head during bathtime.  (Andrew refers to bathtime as baby torture).  Yet Ellie surprised us and just remained silent during her Baptism.  Maybe it is the Holy water?

Godparents play a special role in the Baptism and throughout Ellie's life.  Jessica and Mike Nunnery (aka the parents of Baby Grace and Grantman) are Ellie's chosen Godparents.   Andrew and I are Grant's Godparents.

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