Monday, May 28, 2012

Sweet Innocence

She looks all sweet and innocent, right?

Not so.  Ellie has taken to stripping.  In public.  In front of children.  And for free.

Monday morning I sat at the outdoor McDonald's playscape sipping my coffee while Ellie was playing gleefully.  I love this particular playscape because Ellie can easily navigate it and she can climb to her heart's content.  Plus, I get coffee.

Ellie enjoys sitting at the very top and watching other kids go down the slide.  Happily sipping my coffee and listening to Ellie repeatedly saying "oh yeah oh yeah", a little girl comes down the swirly slide holding Ellie's clothes.  Yep, my daughter stripped off her clothing and was hanging out in her diaper.  I am relatively certain the no shirt, no shoes, no service also applies to Ellie.

This one looks innocent too.

Again, not so.  She pee-peed in the house this weekend.  Again, looks can be oh so deceiving.



  1. I will admit, they do look pretty sweet! :)

  2. Such a funny story! Dare I say that I admire her self care abilities?? That takes skill to strip - in a playscape :) I shall message you a photo of Aziza in a diaper in our parking garage!!

  3. Oh, my... Too funny! Yep, they both completely deceived me!!! I would've never guessed!

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