Letters from The Bear

Hello readers!

It is me, The Ellie Bellie Bear and I have hijacked Mama's computer.

Did you know that if you push multiple keys at once the computer no longer works?

I wanted to share with everyone that I am now saying two new words "Pop!" and "purple".  The exciting part is that other people besides Mama and my speech therapist know what I am talking about.

The Scream is still my preferred language, but sometimes I am being asked to make a choice between red & purple and the Scream does not get me what I want.  Since I cannot sign "purple" I had to use my voice. I will only say "purple" when asked to choose something.  If you ask me what color something is, I will totally ignore you.  Seriously, why should I tell you what color it is?  I have more important things to do such as building really big towers and knocking them down or dressing myself in beautiful jewelry.

I still do not know what a weasel is or why there is a monkey chasing him, but I do know that he loves to go POP!  POP! POP! POP!

Lately Mama has been saying STOP when I reach for Sophie's water bowl.  I think that is a good idea.  I have started to say STOP too (actually, I say "op" because all the cool toddlers drop their S's) before I daintily dip my hands into the bowl and splash splash splash.  Afterwards, I take a hand towel and wipe the floor.  Mama says that I am a good little Bear-Bear, albeit an ornery one.  I do not know what ornery means, but I am sure it is a compliment.

Did you see that I have a big girl bed?  It is fun to bounce on, but I prefer to sleep on the floor.  My parents got new carpet just for the occasion.  Oh wait, Mama just said the new carpet was because our old one was nasty, gross and old.  For some reason, I wake up in my big girl bed every morning.  How does that happen?  Is there a Bed Fairy who transport little girls to their beds?  If so, why doesn't she leave me raisins or chocolate?

mmmm Nutella. Maybe there is a nutella fairy!

Mama has been informing me that I can't tell people to "die die" anymore.  She says that it isn't nice.  She keeps on saying "Buh-eye" while pointing at her mouth and it is really annoying.  I have decided that I shall now wave and shout "guy--guy" to everyone I see.  I will be especially loud in restaurants and parking lots as I want to make sure everyone hears me.


Ellie Bellie Bear


  1. I would totally be ok hearing die-die, if it was from Ellie. Thanks for writing the post, Ellie girl, that was a fun one to read!

  2. Hi, Ellie, it's Cora. I'm with you on the plan to be really loud in restaurants too. I think all us cool toddlers should do it (I am newly a toddler, you know, even if I still don't want to move). I bet we can really start something here and show the grownups that we're really in charge!

  3. So cute!! Made me laugh! She's a doll!! Bennett loves to announce that we have entered a store by basically yelling, makes sure the checkout person acknowledges him when he says "hi" frantically and then he has to say "bye-bye" to everyone as we leave. Needless to say the people at our local target KNOW Bennett;)

  4. Such cuteness!
    I think I had something else to say but I'm suddenly craving some yummy Nutella.

    [Oh yeah - did you know there's a secret combo of keys that makes the entire screen display flip upside down? Ask me how I know that! :)]

  5. krlr--ha! I do know that. Back when I had a laptop, my precious kitty cat decided to keep my keyboard warm. It turned the screen from landscape to portrait!

    Adrianne-Bennett sounds like a rock star! He and Ellie could be a bye-bye waving team.

    Miss Cora, you are such a cool cat :)

  6. You're too cute, Ellie. Way to keep your Mama on her toes.

  7. Your such a cutie Ellie and thanks for updating us on everything:))This post made me smile.. I was wondering how you were doing sleeping on your big girl bed...

  8. Ellie, so excited for the p[op-pop-pop. Hailey doesn't know the scream yet but she does know the "whine". I think both might get on mommy's nerves. Hailey loves the computer too (as I'm typing...little fingers are slamming keys)!


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