Monday, May 21, 2012

How Did She Do It?

We have only been up and about for a short period of time and already, my Little Tornado has destroyed her room, needed and received a bath, and rearranged the furniture in our kitchen (she was going for a more feng shui feeling).  All of this before I could drink a cup of coffee.  Or pee.

I woke up to the sound of wood hitting wood.  Plus, a happy-sounding exclamation from Ellie.  We all know that thuds compounded with happy toddler sounds equal trouble.

Groggy, I enter my daughter's room to see this:

I think she used that chair ottoman next to the dresser to aide her climbing adventures. Ottoman has now been removed.

Oh yes, that is Ellie in the middle dresser drawer.  Yes, she did remove all of the clothing before hand so that she may fit into the dresser drawer.  What you do not see is that she is slathered in Vaseline.  Head to toe.  Hair is matted to her skull.  She was really going for deep conditioning and skin moisturizing. What you also do not see is that the dresser drawer is filled with the items that were on top of the dresser--from the other side of the dresser that could not have possibly been reached unless Ellie was on top of the it.

Apparently, she thought that the wood needed a nice polishing. . . with Vaseline.  And Butt Paste.

My daughter is a climber.  We all know that, but I am still trying to figure out just how she ended up in that drawer.  It seems I have more child proofing to do.  Ellie Bear is clearly my daughter.

As my father would say "It's payback!"

Thankfully, my daughter is well versed in "clean up".  She did put all of her clothes back into the drawer. Plus, her hair now has an extra sheen to it.  Shampoo commercials, here we come!  Now, I just need her to move our kitchen furniture back to its original arrangement.

If any of you know how to get Vaseline off of furniture, please share!



  1. Oh my goodness! Hope the wood and hair liked the deep conditioning!

  2. My then two-year-old once reached the stuff I kept on top of the refrigerator. After that, I kept all the kitchen chairs turned on their sides so he couldn't push them around so easily. (They were on wheels.) A former MOYC mom used folding chairs in her kitchen and them put them away when dining was over. I'm just mentioning all this in case if you want to stay one step ahead of your clever little Ellie.

  3. OH MY WORD! Hysterical! (sorry, I have no clue how to help, but thanks for the laugh!)

  4. Ohmygosh...too funny! We were lucky that Sammi was never a climber. But she did managed to pull her dresser on top of her once when she was 3, so we now have no dressers in her room. Glad Ellie's got the clean-up part of the equation down pat!

  5. I'm sorry, but this is hilarious! I can certainly relate, having walked upstairs to be hit with the pungent smell of nail polish before getting to my daughter's room. What an adventurous little soul you have!

  6. Busted. Out. Laughing. Sorry!! My little guy gave my iPhone a bath this weekend. In the toilet. I feel your pain. ;)

  7. bahahaha!!!! what a little stinker!! but a really cute one though:)))

  8. Ha! We had a very similar incident with Desitin. I was outside during "naptime", looked up, and wondered why the windows looked soaped up, like an abandoned factory. Shiny hair indeed!

  9. I go on vacation for 1 week and this is what I missed!
    Ellie, it's not nice to make your auntie Maria snort with laughter at work. People will think I'm not working.


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