Friday, December 9, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request: forget me not friday

My plan for today's post must be postponed as there is a more urgent need. Details cannot be shared at this time but please, I beg of you, pray.  If you are not the praying type, then send thoughts.   Thank you!

Patti from A Perfect Lily says it best:


From Andrea Roberts:

Pray, right now, with me for JUSTICE and a true servant's heart, that our children 

with Down syndrome and other special needs needs be spared a lifetime in 
an orphanage, but free to be CHOSEN and LOVED by their forever family. 

From me [Patti]:

PLEASE PRAY. I am not asking this lightly.  I can't give details, but I'm asking 

you to stop what you're doing right now and call out to God for the above prayer request. 

Because I forgot to mention this a few weeks ago--the month of December is for Lilianna.
Join myself and others in saving all of your loose and spare change for Miss Lilianna.  Small amounts,
added together, can make a HUGE difference.




  1. Praying them home with you! Everyone of those sweeties. A home, a hope and a future.

  2. Praying, Anna!!!! I have a prayer book I write in next to my bed! Hugs to you and Ellie!!


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