Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas In Texas

I love traditions. The different traditions that my family instilled while growing up are some of my fondest memories.  As a parent, I want to do the same for my daughter.  Creating new traditions while incorporating some of the ones from my youth have made this past Christmas thoroughly wonderful.  I do not know if Ellie, being at the young age of 2 years-old, will remember it, but I can only hope.

Andrew, Ellie, and I actually celebrated Christmas twice this year.  My parents came down from St. Louis, Missouri and my brother Matt visited from Madison, Wisconsin.  Imagine their shock of coming from a snowy climate to a whopping 70 degrees!

During our Christmas celebration we went to the mall.  Yes, the mall.  Was it crowded?  No.  Perhaps it was a sign of the floundering economy or perhaps it is because the one-stop shops such at Target and Walmart are stealing all of the business.  Anyway, the mall.  Our local mall is a fabulous place for children.  They have those rides that you pay a quarter (okay, actually 3 quarters) for.  They have a small indoor playscape.  Finally, there is a carousel with lights, music, and horses.  What a grand adventure it was to see Ellie with her Grandpa on the carousel!

Then of course there was nap time!  Followed by the baking of sugar cookies.  Ellie "helped" by cutting out the cookies, tasting the batter, and then using the spatula to destroy lift the dough.

Just before diving into our Christmas brisket--remember, this is Texas, we decorated the tree.  Growing up, my brother and I knew that the minute Manheim Steamroller's "Deck The Halls" echoed through the house that it was time to decorate the Christmas tree.  This year, we played Manheim Steamroller in honor of that past tradition.  There is something about unwrapping each ornament that triggers happy memories of Christmas' past.  The Chunky Chicken is a wild child so all of the ornaments were placed above The Bear's reach.  Oh yes, the bottom of the tree remained naked.

Our Christmas feast was absolutely delightful.  The brisket was melt-in-your-mouth, pull-apart delicious.  Ellie ate her weight in brisket.   I even whipped out the china and the cloth napkins for this occasion.

After Ellie was in bed, us adults settled down for Christmas Vacation.  It is a movie with Chevy Chase from the '80s that is so ridiculous that one cannot help but laugh.   Imagine my shock when I learned that Andrew had never seen the movie!  Andrew, the one who has seen every single movie known to mankind.  Oh the shock!  So I must admit I was pleased to introduce The Griswald Family Christmas to Andrew.

Here Grandpa, let me knock that down for you.

We had a lovely Christmas and now we must prepare for our "2nd" Christmas in Plano, TX.

This is how we were feeling by the end of the day!

Here's to hoping that you all had a wonderful, relaxing Merry Christmas.



  1. Oh I love Christmas Vacation too..i cant belive he has never seen it..lol..looks like u had a great Christmas too!!

  2. Yahoo! Christmas in Texas was great:-) We felt like Amelie after our drive home to STL.


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