Imitation: the importance of actions

In applied behavior analysis [ABA] therapy, we play this game called "I Lost My Voice".  Basically, the therapist gives Ellie a bean bag.  Whatever Ellie does with the bean bag, the therapist imitates using her own bean bag.  This may involve putting the bean bag on her head, on her foot, on her tummy.  (Or the so typical throwing of the bean bag.) There are no words, just imitation of movements.  This game is designed to show the importance of actions.

Loving "Signing Time!"

I didn't quite understand the importance of this game until this past Sunday when I took Ellie to Safari Champ, an indoor playscape.  She loves this place and we spend nearly every Sunday there wearing out my little Bear-Bear.  Today, I witnessed Ellie playing her own version of "I Lost My Voice".  She was imitating everything a group of older children were doing--hand motions, sounds, dancing, etc.  Another step forward in development!  Whoo hoo, Ellie Bellie Bear!!!!!

This is by far one of the easiest games you can play with your child at home.  Set aside a few minutes each day and just imitate what your little one is doing.  If you feel the need to use a bean bag, you can just use a bag of rice or a bag of beans.  Easy!  Remember, no talking!



  1. Cute idea! And, sorry, but I feel SO much better every time I read that someone else has a 'thrower' too. Ugh, the darn throw. Drives me bonkers some days!

  2. Great idea, I am going to try this little game with Emily :-) I love Ellie's little outfit in these pics, ADORABLE!

  3. Good work Ellie! And that outfit is so cute. Not to mention the fact that she's definitely rocking the new "do"!

  4. Thats a good idea!!! Might have to give it a try with Avery!

  5. Can't wait for Grandma and Grandpa to play it with Ellie!


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