Friday, December 2, 2011

A Pure Love Give Away 2: Forget Me Not Friday

Our dear friend Patti is at it again!  She is sponsoring the Pure Love Give Away 2 and has a ton of exciting prizes.  Scroll down to see just a snippet of the prizes up for grabs.

This Give Away we are raising money for the Kehm family who is adopting TWO little boys.  Peter and Ty.  The Kehm family will be traveling to Eastern Europe to rescue these children in just one day.  As in they leave TOMORROW!!!!!!  Every cent is a blessing and helps.

We are also trying to increase Robyn's adoption grant.  Robyn still needs a family.

Here are the cool prizes.  Donations, reposting on Facebook, and blogging about the Pure Love Give Away give you a chance to win some exciting prizes.  To learn more, visit A Perfect Lily.



Give Cards.  Some are $100 worth!

Tons of Scentsy Products

Stylish Kids Accessories


How's that for a tons of prizes!  Remember, visit Patti's blog to learn how you can help Ty be united with his forever family, help sweet Robyn, and how to be entered into The Pure Love Give Away 2.


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