Monday, December 19, 2011

Pretend Play and Brisket

What do pretend play and brisket have to do with one another?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

Did somebody say 'brisket'?

Remember back I had a big, happy, excited, whoot-whoot party over Ellie pretending to be on the phone?  Well, my super little bear has done it again and expanded her repertoire of pretend play.  Take a nesting cup and turn it into a bowl.  Grab a spoon and pretend to stir and sip.

Now onto the brisket.  A true Texan Christmas involves BBQ.  Oh yes, BBQ.  Nothing says Christmas like firing up the smoker and tossing on 10 pounds of meat for our little family plus my brother and my parents.  The Bruns family is in town and we are celebrating our Christmas a little early.  That means last night Andrew prepared a huge slab of meat and trussed it up like a chicken/duck/turkey and threw it on the smoker.

I hope to write more about the festivities, but internet time is scarce.  After all, I am maximizing my time with my wonderful, loving, Midwest family.

Awa Grandma with Ellie



  1. That brisket looks AWESOME. We're not sure what to make for Christmas dinner yet, but boy, if we had the traditions of the southwest (and a smoker), that would be perfect!

    Ellie looks like such a little angel in your header photo!!!

  2. Yay to pretend play! I sooo wish our tradition was brisket. It is so tasty! Love your header pic!

  3. Ooh that brisket looks sooo yummy!! We were just talking about what we were going to have.maybe we should try this..we are in luck we have a smoker;) If u have time would u email me the recipe???? If not dont worry about it at all!!!


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