Sunday, August 3, 2014

GI Update: Sitzmarker Study Results & Hamstring Injury

*I apologize in advance for some missing photos - I used Photobucket for free as a means to store my photos and they are now holding a few hundred pics of mine for hostage unless I pay for an expensive plan and I also managed to lose half my photos from my computer*

Sitzmarker Study Results

Last week we completed Ellie's Sitzmarker Study which looks for delayed colon motility as a cause for constipation.  Here I am, yet again, waiting to here from her gastroenterologist.

Two Thursdays ago, Bear swallowed 24 radio-opaque rings.  She the proceeded to have regular very loose bowel movements without her daily Miralax.  This, as you all know by now, is very atypical for Ellie and I was concerned that the test would be inaccurate.  The way Andrew and I see it, the 9 days of increased laxatives and extra laxatives must have finally caught up.

Last Monday, I took Ellie in for her X-ray.  This was the Day 5 X-ray for the transit study and they count the rings left in her colon.  Ellie had 19 rings scattered throughout her colon.  Less than 20% is normal, but her GI nurse told me less than 13.  Either way, Ellie's test results suggest slow transit constipation.  She went in for a repeat Day 7 X-ray last Wednesday and that showed 6 rings left (this is after 3 bowel movements so of course they were being expelled).  Rings scattered through the colon suggest slow transit throughout the entire gut whereas rings gathered in one area suggest a that there is a problem with that specific portion of the colon.  Ellie's rings were scattered throughout the large intestine.

We were advised to restart the Miralax.  Um, yeah, right.  Please see here and on how well Miralax works for Ellie.  She is on quadruple her normal dose and it has been 5 days so far.  As is par for the course, she is barely eating.  In fact, she barely ate last week consuming anywhere from 300-400 calories, 1/4 of which is from juice.  Last year she was a size 4T, now she is a 3T and I had to take in a few of those shorts this past week.  I am frustrated and I really want a plan.

Hamstring Injury

I goofed last Monday.  That night I was doing my basic stretches that have really helped my back and hip pain (I have two herniated & torn discs at L4-S1, spinal and right hip arthritis).  As I was in Warrior 1, my lower thoracic back spasmed.  As I started to fall, I decided that it would be prudent to brake my fall so as not to crack my head open.  Bad move, as I did something funky to my right leg that resulted in cracking and popping.  I thought "huh, but my hip doesn't feel too bad" and then I put weight on my right leg.  Bad idea!  Horrible pain.  Apparently, it was my hamstring that was popping and I now have a bruise along the backside of my thigh.


There are 3 grades of hamstring injuries with grade 3 requiring surgery.  This is called avulsion where the muscle actually detaches itself from the bone.  I do not have this, thank goodness.  I was fortunate enough that I had my physical rehab appointment the following morning.  As I limped my way in while in excruciating pain, I was told that I have, you guessed it!, a hamstring injury.  My back pain was put on the back burner and I ended up with a nice pair of. . .

Crutches!  Aren't they sexy?  I have learned two things from this experience:

1. People couldn't give a flying rat's patootie if you are on crutches.  Allowing doors to slam in your face is common.

2. Those who are in a similar predicament as me--boot on the foot, ace bandages, or limping--always try to open the door for you.

My faith in humanity is wavering.

As it stands, I have been mostly on crutches since Tuesday and I fully believe that this has caused my back and hip to flare up.  My pain is what it was before I ever got any shots.  Is this because I haven't been able to stretch and walk around?  Probably.  Is this because the crutches made me of kilter?  I am sure of it.

So, I am also waiting for a phone call from my Rehab doc.

Fun times in the Theurer household!  As my friend Mary W would say "forward with hope!".

I am hosting another Beachbody Challenge.  Starts Monday August 11th.
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  1. That is one seriously awesome dress! The crutches? Not so much, but you do look extremely fit, ma'am! Hope they can come up with a good plan for Ellie and that your leg heals. Rough summer!

    1. Hey thanks! I got the dress for $12 off of Zulily. Never bought from them before. She likes the dress because it has flowers on it. Off the crutches! Cleared for PiYo :-)


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