Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ellie Antics, More Updates, Memory Lane

Pity Part Post on top.  Bear antics at the bottom.  Throwback Ellie photos throughout the post.

When I left off on Monday's post, I was waiting for two doctor's offices to call: the pediatric GI and my physical rehab doctor.

Ellie's GI called after hours and got the low-down on Ellie's Sitzmarker test results (her care was managed by the on-call doc that week as her doc was on vacation).  They decided to keep her Miralax at the high dose and to use 1/2 square of Exlax w/ Senna daily for 2 weeks.  Um, right.  They do know that slow transit constipation won't go away in 2 weeks, right?  Still, let's just say it is working.  Our washing machine is constantly going and I need to buy stock in Huggies.  And baby wipes.  Not so sure Costco can keep us stocked.  I also now have the perfect excuse to buy more clothes for the Bear as some of her clothing have met a disgustingly untimely trip to the trashcan.

I've been going through old photos :-)


My physical rehab doc, while nice (and good looking) sucks at telling the nurse the plan of care.  She isn't so hot at calling back.  I called first thing Monday morning about my sciatica being so bad and then nothing from their office all day.  Just before closing, I decided to call again and surprisingly got the actual nurse and not the voicemail.  I am to be resting for 1 week with Lortab around the clock and start Neurontin for nerve pain.

Since Monday, I have discovered two more things:
1. Either my back/hip/leg can find relief or my hamstring but not both.
2. My husband is a rockstar!  I hit the jackpot ladies and gents!  Be jealous.  That's right folks as not only did I get a sexy hunk of man, but I also got brains and housekeeping!

I mucked up my hamstring.  I take full responsibility.  I went Sunday and Monday without the crutches.  I may have squatted a few times to pick up something or change the Bear's britches.  Apparently, this was not a wise move even though I was cleared since last Thursday to stop the crutches and return to PiYo (another nurse call that was not returned)

PAIN.  Pain with walking.  Pain with driving. Pain while sitting.  Pain while laying down on my back or side.  Not too bad while on my stomach but then shooting nerve pain across my back and down my leg!  I have had strains/sprains before but not this.  I am thinking that I might have partially torn my hamstring.

I called the doctor yesterday [Tuesday] and felt like a real goof.  "Dr. K. when I told you yesterday that my hamstring was better, I lied.  You see, it is worse.  I am resting for my back and lortab works but apparently it does nothing for the hamstring. Can I jump off a building?  Use my crutches some more?  Wail like a banshee at the unfairness of it all?"

Supposedly he didn't like that message as I received no return call.  This morning I called back.  No answer.  I thought to call the emergency number.  I got a real person!  Only she transferred back to Dr. K's nurse, but not before telling me it was Dr. K who never got back with her.  So, I have left yet another voicemail.

I am not going to lie.  I am going stir crazy.  I NEED more coffee!  I NEED to go to the store.  I NEED to play with Ellie Bear.  I NEED to get out of the freaking house!!!!!

More than anything, I feel helpless with mama guilt.  I had these big plans of fun (and educational) outings to do with Bear.  We purchased a Children's Museum pass.  We have gone once.  I got a group on for the indoor playscape that has air conditioning.  We have not gone at all.  Cancelled playdates.  Canceled meet-ups at the splash pad.  I cannot even get down on the floor to play with her.  The TV is a constant companion.  It sucks.


Okay the pity party is over.

The Polite Patient

On Monday Ellie had her annual blood draw to check her thyroid levels, vitamin D, electrolytes, CBC, etc.  As we walk into the room, she starts to scream "nooooo!  Go go go GO!".  She fights.  She kicks.  She screams.  After 4 large vials of blood, she is done.  She claps and then profusely thanks the phlebotomist "Ank ou  ank ou  ank ou". "Bye bye  bye bye!" and sashays out of the clinic, but not before demanding a certain color Coban (bandage). Crazy girl.

The Tortilla

We have been dropping Ellie off at Kidspa which is a drop in day care that doesn't give a flying rat's patootie that she has Down syndrome and isn't potty trained.  In fact, they love her.  Anyway, I packed girlfriend a tortilla for her lunch since it is one of the only foods she will eat right now.  The daycare thought that she ate her tortilla until they saw her with it in the play area after lunch.  As they approached her, Bear shoved the entire tortilla down her pants!  Way to go, Bear!

The Thief

Ellie seems to take great pleasure in scribbling.  Since she has been on Adderall, she is finally able to sit still and focus.  She also no longer eats writing implements.  My pens have been going missing.  Along with paper.  Receipts, school reports, and utility bills.  Sometimes we have a receipt situation at a restaurant.  She takes our copy of the receipt but starts to color on the merchant's copy.

Lately she has decided toothbrushes are really cool.  Our toothbrushes.  She insists on carrying all of them throughout the house and out in public.  I have no idea why because she fights daily dental care with all of her being.


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