Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stranger Anxiety & Easter Festivities

We had a fun-filled day at the Nunnery Household.   My Godson Grant was a very productive little boy today.  He dyed Easter Eggs, helped make cupcakes in the shape of eggs, and used cookie-cutters to cut out festive shapes in the sugar cookie dough.  He was supposed to help decorate all of these things, but like any toddler, he wanted to eat the dough or go play.  That mean Mommy Jess got to do all of the decorating.  I brought some of the goodies home with me.  Andrew is in charge of eating them.

Grant Nunnery (our Godson)

Ellie was a little overwhelmed by the festivities.

Betty & David Nunnery (Grant & Grace's grandparents) were over at Jess' house for the Easter Creative Fun Fest.  David goes to hold Ellie and she gets this big up-side-down frown and starts to cry.  "Oh, Mommy, who is this strange person holding me?".  Ellie looks at me very accusingly, but I cannot help but chuckle.  I guess to a little baby David can be scary--he is tall, has a Texas accent, and isn't Andrew.  Betty then comes over to hold her and Ellie takes one look at her out-stretched arms and starts howling.  It was an even worse reaction than the one with David!  I guess Betty is super scary with her sweet voice and being about a foot shorter (give or take a few inches) than David. Eventually, after some playtime with Grace, Ellie decides the Nunnerys are okay people.

Grace & Ellie

Even at this young of an age, the kids always want what the other one has.  

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  1. That looks like fun!! I wish we still had someone around to play Easter bunny for. When Ellie is older we'll do that!


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