Friday, April 2, 2010

Down Home

The stars at night - are big and bright

Deep in the heart of texas.
The prairie sky - is wide and high
Deep in the heart of texas.
The sage in bloom - is like perfume
Deep in the heart of texas.
Reminds me of - the one I love
Deep in the heart of texas.
The cowboys cry - ki-yip-pie-yi
Deep in the heart of texas.
The rabbits rush - around the brush
Deep in the heart of texas.
The coyotes wail - along the trail
Deep in the heart of texas.
The doggies bawl - and bawl and bawl
Deep in the heart of texas.

--George Strait, Deep in the Heart of Texas
Down Home, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Elgin, Texas to be exact is a fabulous ranch and working farm.  Elgin, the Sausage Capital of Texas, is a town known for well, sausage and brickyards.  Located not far from Austin, approximately 30 miles east, is the Down Home Ranch.  The owners of this ranch, Judy & Jerry Horton, were inspired by the concept of people with and without disabilities working together to tend a farm.  This dream was conceived after the birth of their daughter Kelly who has Down Syndrome.  
There are many resources and opportunities for children with disabilities such as Down Syndrome.  The problem is, what happens once they reach adulthood?  Will she continue to live with her parents and if not, where can she live?  Will she be able to find employment and hold down a job?  Are there enough governmental subsidies to help her reach her full potential after she is out of the school system? 
The Down Home Ranch in Elgin, Texas offers many opportunities for those with special needs.  There are summer camps, weekend residential camps, various living options at the ranch.  There is a pool, animals, horseback riding and other things that educate and challenge those with special needs.  
For more information, please visit
If you would like to volunteer your time, visit the website or contact 1-888-926-2253.

Thank you to Pat for bringing Down Home Ranch to my attention.

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