Thursday, April 29, 2010

Real Texans Grill Anything & Everything

There is saying around here that is very common: "We do everything bigger in Texas".  I believe that saying extends to BBQing.

Today was Andrew's company picnic at the Emma Long Metro Park.  This is a beautiful park situated on Lake Austin where you can camp, hike, picnic, and boat.  This picnic was huge.  Huge as in the amount of food.  There were tons of brownies, cookies, (notice that I listed the important food items first), beans, potato salad, etc.  I cannot even begin to imagine just how may pounds of beef were on the grill or how much meat was smoking.  That's right.  You heard me.  Smoking.  What kind of park has a smoker on site?  A Texan park.

We Texans love our BBQ. (Yes, I do recognize this monumental statement--I just referred to myself as a Texan).  It shouldn't come as a surprise seeing as we have a Big Green Egg in our backyard, but still I was shocked to see a smoker chained to a cement pad just like the grills in a picnic area.

Central Market has this radio advertisement for their Thrill The Grill that pretty much sums it up "When people ask if you smoke you proudly say 'yes'.  Does the word spit cause you to drool?"  Yep, in Texas smoking is mostly in reference to grilling rather than cigarettes.  We prefer to eat our carcinogens rather than inhale them.  Boy are they tasty. . .

Now, it may surprise you that Ellie looks like Andrew.  Shocking, I know.  While Andrew was off grabbing meat off the grill, I sat with Ellie.  People at the picnic would come up to me as say "this must be Andrew's daughter".  Funny, I do not see the resemblance :-P

Well, here it is 5pm and Andrew is off to work. . . .I guess I better get back to "work" too.

Must have Daddy's coca-cola.

I am SO happy.  Daddy's is going to be me a new house.

Our Future Home  

Hey, picture of me with Ellie :-)

Nah.  They do not look related :-P

Emma Long Park on Lake Austin

Ooh!  Look at those short-shorts!

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