Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ears, Nose, & Snot

There she goes again taking pictures of me.  This time she has me in a ditch of weeds.  I wonder what Mommy will come up with next.

The Ellie Bellie Bear had a rough night.  She was cranky and snotty.  We did humidification, nasal saline, and bulb suction.  Oh she was not a happy camper with the nasal saline.  We did spend some quality time in the bathroom with the shower running.  The Bellie-Bear was up multiple times last night which meant that I was up as well.  Today she is still snotty, but not cranky.

This Blue Bonnet Baby spent the afternoon at her post-operative ear tube appointment.  Dr. Zapata was actually able to see into the left ear. Finally!  Both tubes are in place and patent.  They are lovely and titanium. Yay!  Her ear canals are still narrow and they probably will be forever, but it was exciting that her left canal is now wide enough to allow the ear drum to be viewed.

We did a behavior audiogram after having her ear de-waxed.  She did about as well as one can expect with a 6.5 month-old.  Basically I sit with Ellie in a closed off room.  There are hidden toys in the walls of the room that make noise.  The audiologist will also talk through the speaker.  The goals is to have Ellie turn her head in the correct direction with different noises and different decibel levels.  She did pretty good, but she was more interested in turing around and looking up to make sure that I was still with her.

The results: Borderline Normal Hearing.  As in their may be some mild hearing loss.

It is not completely accurate because it is behavioral and also because this age sometimes has trouble with localizing intonation.

We then tried to get a more accurate view of her hearing by doing Otoacoustic Emissions.  This is similar to repeating the newborn hearing screen.  The only problem is that an ear bud must be placed into the ear.  Ellie just had her ears cleaned.  She does not like things in her ear so she didn't exactly cooperate with the OAEs.  We will try again in 3 months.

Hum, this blanket Mommy made me is rather interesting.  I would like to chew on it.

Well, at least I have my sunbonnet.  If Mommy would just get the hair out of my eyes. . .

Haha! Mommy is making funny faces at me.  She sure is super silly.


  1. You should submit those pictures for a Texas calendar. They like anything with bluebonnets in the picture and they would get the added bonus of a pretty baby!


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