Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy 7 Months Ellie!

. . .and happy 3 years to my Godson Grant.

Well it has been approximately one week since the Ellie Bear had her ECI evaluation.  Now I know that I was a little skeptical about the signing, but need not fear!  I am over that.  Okay the truth is I am over it because The Bear is doing very well.

Here is our progress:

Anna: "Does Ellie want to eat?" [makes sign for "eat"]

Ellie: Grabs my hand and brings it to her face to sign "eat". Steals the spoon.  

When Ellie wants more, she does the same thing--she grabs my hand and signs "eat" while holding my hand.  That is a lot of progress.  Now I just need to figure out how to teach her that she doesn't need my hand to do the sign.

Babycakes is also doing great with her sitting exercises.  The boppy pillow seems to really help with the positioning.  She tired easily but she seems to actually enjoying sitting now rather than doing her back-arching thing.

I like to read like Mommy!  I am learning about colors.
(yes, that is Sophie standing in the background--you can see her front paw-paws)

That Sophie puppy is so funny!  I just love to watch her.

Laughing.  Ellie Bellie loves to have her tummy tickled.  She has the cutest little giggle.  Yes, I know that I am her mother and of course I would think it is cute, but really, seriously, it is a cute giggle.  Yesterday I had Mama Dunja on speaker phone and she thought Ellie was crying.  I was tickling Ellie's belly.  Oops, I guess her giggle sounds like a crying over the phone.

Ellie is starting to like mirrors.  She stares at the mirror, talks to the mirror, and tries to eat the mirror.  She sees the baby in the mirror, but she does not realize that the baby is her.

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