Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Story of Ellie Bear and the 3 Animals

Once upon a time,there was a beautiful little baby by the name of Ellie.  She was a very happy baby and loved to smile, play, and babble loudly.  There were also 3 animals--a "sensitive" and sometimes evil black cat, a spunky torti kitty, and a hyperactive border collie with identity confusion (she thinks she is a cat).

One morning the little Princess Ellie Bear went to have some morning exercise in her play-yard.   Ellie discovered that someone had been sleeping in her play-yard, but she had left because it was too soft.

Princess Ellie then went to her bouncy chair to "talk" to her Safari toys.  She realized that some animals (yes, plural--Tama jumped out before I could get the picture) had been sleeping in her chair, but they left because it was too bouncy.

Little Ellie Bear realized that she was starving so she decided to have breakfast in her newly-assembled-as-of-last-night high chair.  Wait a minute!  Someone has been sleeping in my high chair.

Very much annoyed, the beautiful little baby asked her mommy to take her on a walk.  Then she saw that someone had slept in her stroller!  (I accidentally deleted the photo of Tama in the stroller).

The Princess Ellie became very upset and thought that she could find some peace on the guest bed (with her Mommy's supervision of course.)  There, the Ellie Bear and her mommy discovered that two somebodies were sleeping in the bed.  It must have been just right because there they are!  

Ellie's mommy exclaimed "That's it!  You guys are going to the animal shelter!"

Mommy, all frazzled, placed the Ellie Bear Princess in her crib and listened to her wail for 15 minutes before she fell into a deep slumber (okay, not so deep).

Mommy Anna thinks that she needs a nap and wants to be Queen for a day.

The End.

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  1. Cute story and notice I didn't refer to it as a "fairytale" since you have photo proof it is not:-)


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